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RIPE NCC Leadership

Hans Petter Holen

Hans Petter Holen is the RIPE NCC Managing Director.

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Felipe Victolla Silveira

Felipe Victolla Silveira is the Chief Operations Officer.

His main responsibilities are managing the registry and supporting software development.

The registry consists of:

  • Registration of IP addresses and ASN
  • Processing of Registry Updates
  • Membership Administration
  • Registry Accuracy and Investigations
  • LIR Portal
  • RPKI
  • RIPE Database

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Kaveh Ranjbar

Kaveh Ranjbar is the Chief Information Officer.

He is responsible for the Information Services which include research, Internet measurements, data collection and analysis as well as the RIPE NCC's global infrastructures, such as the provision of reverse DNS in the RIPE NCC service region and the operation of the global K-root server cluster.

Information Services consists of:

  • DNS and K-Root
  • RIPE Atlas
  • RIPEStat
  • RIS
  • IT Security
  • Research
  • IT Support
Hans Petter Holen

Hisham Ibrahim is the Chief Community Officer.

He is responsible for the engagement with the RIPE NCC members, the RIPE community, Internet governance and training services.

  • Membership engagement
  • Community Development
  • Public Authority Engagement
  • Internet Governance
  • Training and E-learning Services 
  • RIPE NCC Certified Professionals 
  • The Good Of the Internet Initiatives

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