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Community and Engagement

Hisham Ibrahim

Hisham Ibrahim

Chief Community Officer

Hisham is responsible for managing and leading the External Engagement and Community budget and activities.

External Engagement and Community consists of:

  • Community building and membership engagement
  • Learning and development
  • External coordination and collaboration
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Fergal Cunningham

Fergal Cunningham

Head of Membership Engagement

Fergal is responsible for engagement with our members, including organisation of our General Meetings, Executive Board elections and corporate governance documentation and communications. He also oversees our internal and external communications and web presence.

Antony Gollan

Antony Gollan

Manager, Communications Team

Antony is responsible for making sure we have professional and well-coordinated communication with our external stakeholders and internally as a company.

The Communications Team is responsible for:

  • External messaging and communications plans
  • Public (mass) external communications
  • Internal communication
  • Marketing of services
  • RIPE Labs
  • Media and public relations
Phillip Oldham

Phillip Oldham

Manager, Web Services

Phill manages the Web Services team, the technical team supporting the NCC’s public Websites and Web Applications that service the community and membership, along with the operations of Community & Engagement.

Web Services is responsible for:

Gergana Petrova

Gergana Petrova

Manager, Community Development Team

Gergana is responsible for:

  • Community Development
  • Events
  • The Good of the Internet Initiatives
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Alvaro Vives

Alvaro Vives

Manager, Learning and Development Team

Alvaro is responsible for the Community Technical Learning and Development services:

  • In-person training courses
  • E-learning online courses
  • Online webinars
  • Certification exams and badges
Alena Muravska

Alena Muravska

Programme Manager

Alena is responsible for:

  • C&E project management and reporting system
  • C&E metrics and OKRs
  • Staff engagements on C&E related topics
  • Support of the PPIG and Research teams