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Senior Management Team

Axel Pawlik

Axel Pawlik is the Managing Director of the RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC).

Serge Radovcic

Serge Radovcic is the Chief Communications Officer.

Serge is responsible for the RIPE NCC's Communications Department, which includes the Web Services Team, working closely with the RIPE community and continuing the development of RIPE Labs.

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Kaveh Ranjbar

Kaveh Ranjbar is the Chief Information Officer.

He is responsible for research, Internet measurements, data collection and analysis as well as the RIPE NCC's global infrastructures, such as the provision of reverse DNS in the RIPE NCC service region and the operation of the global K-root server cluster.

Gwen van Berne

Gwen van Berne is the Chief Financial Officer, responsible for developing and maintaining financial and administrative activities.

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Felipe Victolla Silveira is the Chief Operations Officer.

His main responsibilities are managing the organisation's core operations (Member Services) and supporting software development.

Daniel Karrenberg

Daniel Karrenberg is the Chief Scientist.

He is advising the Managing Director, particularly on research strategy and new activities.