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RIPE Fellowship

The RIPE Fellowship Programme provides basic assistance for successful candidates in the RIPE NCC service region to participate in a RIPE Meeting.

The purpose of the fellowship is to support successful candidates in their professional or academic career development, allow them to participate in policy discussions, and to network with industry peers and others at the event.

The deadline to apply for RIPE 85 in Belgrade from 24-28 October 2022 is Tuesday, 6 September 2022 at 23:59 (UTC+2). The successful candidates will be informed two weeks after the deadline.

Candidate criteria

  • Work or study in the field of Internet technology or a field relevant to the RIPE community
  • Live or work in the RIPE NCC service region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia)
  • In need of financial assistance
  • Have a valid passport 
  • Agree to share knowledge gained with their local Internet community and/or RIPE community
  • RIPE NCC members can also apply

RIPE Fellows receive:

  • Full-week ticket for RIPE Meeting
  • Economy travel to/from home country to RIPE Meeting
  • Five nights accommodation near the RIPE Meeting venue
  • The opportunity to partner with a RIPE community mentor 

Application process

The application opens three months before a RIPE Meeting. An internal selection committee will review all applications and contact successful candidates at least six weeks before the RIPE Meeting.

The RIPE NCC will book travel and accommodation for RIPE Fellows. The candidate is responsible for providing all relevant details necessary in a timely manner to our travel team.


If a visa is needed, the RIPE NCC will provide an invitation letter but the candidate is responsible for applying for the visa themselves.

Selection Criteria

The RIPE Fellowship aims to increase diversity within the RIPE Community by giving the opportunity to individuals from underrepresented regions, minority backgrounds, or others who would otherwise not be unable to attend without funding, to participate in the RIPE Meeting. With this in mind, the internal selection committee will evaluate all submissions and make a selection.

The committee will select the candidates able to demonstrate the strongest motivation to attend the meeting.
Next to this, they will aim to achieve:

  • a good geographical spread
  • diversity of stakeholder groups and interests
  • gender balance


The selected RIPE Fellows will be expected to:

  • attend the entire RIPE Meeting
  • contribute to at least one session (asking questions or making a comment at the mic)
  • submit a short (500 words) evaluation of their experience attending the Meeting. A selection of those evaluations will be published on RIPE Labs and available under RIPE Fellowship on

Optional Deliverables

The selected RIPE Fellows are encouraged to:

  • submit a presentation proposal to the RIPE Programme Committee
  • attend the evening social events during the RIPE Meeting
  • participate in the introductory RIPE Meeting sessions and newcomer events (especially in case this is their first RIPE Meeting)
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