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Re: Services Operations WG

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  • From: Einar Stefferud < >
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 08:20:52 -0800
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OK -- I can easily see how Interenet Service Providers have fallen
into separately using the DNS MX tools in mounting their products.
But, what have they done to coordinate this use, or put this facility
in place, etc.

Where were they as we tried to deal with the need for a C=US INTERNET
X.400 ADMD name?  Where are they in the efforts of the US-NMTS to deal
with building a C=US National X.400 backbone?  Where are they when it
comes to discussing how Commercial ADAM Service Providrs will connect
to the Internet?

My point here is that there is a huge difference between willingly
(and individually) using stuff that someone else put there to be used
by everyone, and helping to add new public infrastructure for new
services, also to be used by everyone.


From peter@localhost message Wed, 12 Jan 94 09:38:32 GMT:
}Sorry to disagree, but IP service providers DO co-ordinate at the
}email level In particualr the MX records which sort RFC 822 email!
}Peter Dawe, Joint Managing Director	Email: peter@localhost

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