Any holder of Internet number resources can transfer these to another party, provided that the resources are covered by an agreement with the RIPE NCC or a sponsoring LIR.

It is also possible to transfer resources to and from other RIRs.

The RIPE Document, “RIPE Resource Transfer Policies” governs the transfer of Internet number resources.

An overview of the different resource types and the options can be found below:

Resource type:







16-bit ASN

32-bit ASN

RIPE NCC membership required







Can be sponsored *







24-month transfer restriction applies **







Minimum transferable size







* Provider Independent (PI) Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs) can be transferred to an entity that is not a RIPE NCC member. In this case the resources can be sponsored by an existing Local Internet Registry (LIR). More information on sponsoring LIRs can be found in “Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders”.

**Scarce resources (IPv4 and 16-bit ASNs), cannot be transferred for 24 months from the date the resource was received by the current resource holder. This 24-month restriction does not apply if your organisation is going through a merger or acquisition.

Resources that were assigned for specific purposes, such as IPv6 anycast assignments, assignments for Internet DNS root servers and IXP assignments, are not eligible for transfer. These resources must be returned to the free pool if the original justification is not longer valid.


Transfer of Independent Resources assigned to End Users

To begin the process, the current sponsoring LIR submits a transfer request on behalf of the End User holding the independent resources.

Prior to submitting the request, it is the LIR's responsibility to ensure that the company registration details of the End User are accurate and up-to-date.

If the End User organisation has for example changed its name or its business structure, the sponsoring LIR must contact the RIPE NCC and provide official documentation proving the changes. The RIPE NCC will review the End User details and update where necessary. Once this has been completed, a transfer request can be further evaluated.

In the event that an End User does not receive full cooperation from its current sponsoring LIR, and has decided to terminate its End User assignment agreement, it must sign an End User assignment agreement with a new sponsoring LIR who can then initiate the transfer. Our model agreement is available online.


To Get Started With the Transfer

To get started with a transfer of Internet number resources, the LIR holding the address space or the sponsoring LIR acting on behalf of the End User holding the address space can contact the RIPE NCC here:

Request Transfer
(authentication required)

The request should include:

  • The resources being transferred
  • The Transfer Agreement signed by both parties. This agreement must be signed by company directors that are legally authorised to sign/act on behalf of the organisation
  • Recent company registration papers for both parties
  • Documentation that proves that the signees are authorised to sign agreements on behalf of the involved parties (this is usually visible in the company registration papers)
  • The company name and contact details of both parties
  • For Provider Independent resources, we need the following resource object information for the receiving party:
    • org:
    • admin-c:
    • tech-c:
    • mnt-by:
  • Whether the transfer is to be permanent or temporary (in the case of a temporary transfer, specify until which date the resources are to be transferred)
  • For transfers of Provider Independent resources to non-RIPE NCC members, include an End User Assignment Agreement signed by the receiving End User and a member of the RIPE NCC

Note: before submitting a transfer request, please review all related inetnum, route and domain objects in the RIPE Database. Objects larger than the address range being transferred will need to be deleted. The transferring member can find these objects by using My Resources (requires authentication) as a starting point. If in doubt, one of our IP Resource Analysts can help you get an overview of the affected RIPE Database objects.


How to Find IPv4 Addresses

As member of the RIPE NCC, you can make use of the IPv4 Transfer Listing Service. This is a platform that enables RIPE NCC members to list and exchange IPv4 address space they no longer need. The listing service is only available to members and its use is included in the annual RIPE NCC membership fee. Another option is to contact a Recognised IPv4 Transfer Broker.


Further Detail on Transfers

For further details refer to the RIPE NCC Procedural Document "Transfer of Internet Number Resource Records and Change of Members Official Legal Name".