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RIPE NCC in the News

Collection of links to external sites that feature news about the RIPE NCC
CRA leads capacity building for next-gen IPv6 technologies

"The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), in collaboration with Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), is conducting a three-day technical IPv6 training course with the primary objective of Internet resources management capacity building in Qatar’s ICT sector." Source: Gulf Times

Why IPv6 deployment should be on every business radar

"The explosive growth of the Internet has already seen IPv4 addresses reach critically low levels in recent years, and yet despite this, the market adoption of IPv6 is still much slower than anticipated." (Source: IT PRo Portal)

Is it time to regulate the IoT?

"By 2020 there will be a staggering 200 billion of the IoT devices in operation, according to Intel. This high number of end-points will change the way we communicate with each other, interact with our surroundings and will have a significant impact on the UK marketplace. However, with so many connected devices out there sending data over the internet, there is the growing prospect of serious security issues." (Source: Software Testing News).

The IPv6 network effect

"World IPv6 Launch Day took place over six years ago. Marco Hogewoning, Senior External Relations Officer at the RIPE NCC offers some analysis of the progress to replace IPv4." (Source: Network Computing).

RIPE NCC and Kuwaiti watchdog seek to build IPv6 capacity

"The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (NCC) and the Kuwait Communication Information Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (CITRA) have held a training programme for telecommunications and Internet service providers (ISPs) to educate them on how to work with Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and deploy it on their networks." (Source: Telecompaper)

Authority Conducts IPv6 Taskforce Stakeholders Meeting

“The RIPE NCC is committed to supporting efforts across our service region to develop network infrastructure and we applaud the work done by the CRA Qatar and the IPv6 Task force in identifying the key factors that will drive IPv6 deployment,” said Hisham Ibrahim, technical adviser (Middle East Regional Programme Manager) at the RIPE NCC. (Source: Gulf Times).

Don't Let IoT Security Fall Through the Cracks

"...because of its accelerated growth, IoT has developed without clear security standards. Today, with the number of endpoints for cyber threat actors to target increasing, the question of who is responsible for the overall security and maintenance of these devices remains unanswered." (Source: TechX365).

RIPE NCC Engages AUD Students on How the Internet Functions

During the session, RIPE NCC experts walked AUD students, faculty, and staff through the technical fundamentals that allow the Internet to function and grow, such as standardization, numbering, and naming. The attendees were also introduced to the ecosystem of organizations that coordinate these efforts, their operating models, and how they can get involved. (Source: Albawaba Business.)

RIPE NCC, TRA to build IPv6 capacity in Bahrain

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (NCC) and the Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) recently held a training program for telecommunications and ISP staff to instruct them in how to work with IPv6 and deploy it on their networks. The training was part of a TRA initiative aimed at encouraging the development of a roadmap for IPv6 deployment in Bahrain. (Source: Tahawul Tech).

RIPE NCC joins Arab Internet & Telecom Union as observing member

The Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) has accepted an invitation to join the Arab Internet & Telecom Union as an observing member, which will help the organisation to engage with the major players involved in developing the internet sector in the Arab region. (Source: Telecompaper).