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Jad El Cham

Jad el ChamJad El Cham is a Senior Technical Training and Development Officer in the RIPE NCC's Training Services Department. His role involves frequent travel across the RIPE NCC service region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia) to deliver training courses on a number of topics including IPv6, the RIPE Database, BGP Operation and Security, and DNSSEC.

Jad also focuses on capacity building and community knowledge sharing through dedicated workshops and tailored activities for universities, law enforcement agencies, banking institutions and government regulators.

Before joining the RIPE NCC, Jad was in charge of deploying IP networks for SMEs and service providers in the Middle East and Europe, and providing services over those networks. His experience spans the networking domain, from routing and switching to wireless and security appliances. Over the past few years, he worked on developing an in-house IoT solution and deploying different IoT networks based on several access technologies.