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Jelena Cosic

Jelena Cosic

Expertise: Internet governance, RIPE NCC measurements and tools, IXPs, RIPE and RIPE NCC, RIPE Labs

Jelena joined the RIPE NCC as a consultant for the South East Europe region. As part of her role, Jelena works on supporting local communities and engaging stakeholders from the SEE region, including RIPE NCC members, governmental agencies, academic institutions and civil society organisations.

In addition to her work in the SEE region, Jelena is interested in Internet measurements and tinkering with RIPE NCC measurement tools like RIPE Atlas and RIS.

Prior to joining the RIPE NCC, Jelena worked as an Outreach Coordinator for Packet Clearing House. At PCH, she mainly focused on providing support to IXPs and expanding PCH’s global infrastructure.