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Becoming a Member of the RIPE NCC

From this page, you can begin the process of becoming a RIPE NCC member. Legacy Internet resource holders should also follow the process outlined on this page to join the RIPE NCC or sign a non-member contract with the RIPE NCC. 

NOTEIf you need a small amount of IPv6 address space that you don’t want to assign to customers, you don’t need to become a member – you can contact a RIPE NCC member and request it directly. Find out how to get independent resources.

About RIPE NCC Members

Over 14,000 organisations make up the RIPE NCC membership, and they form the backbone of the Internet in our service region. As well as receiving Internet number resources, there is a wide range of RIPE NCC services available to members, from training courses to Internet analysis tools.

How Do I Join the RIPE NCC?

Joining the RIPE NCC is a simple process that you can start right now by clicking the button below. The first page contains important information that you will need to know and have with you during the application process.

For information on the fees that apply, please read the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme and the Billing Procedure and Fee Schedule.

Are you a Russian speaker? We have a PDF summary of information available: How to Become a Member (Russian). 

Are you an Arabic speaker? We have a PDF summer of information available: How to Become a Member (Arabic). 

And if you have questions, we’re here to help. Just email us at new-account _at_ ripe _dot_ net or call +31 20 535 4444.


Join the RIPE NCC


RIPE NCC Membership Benefits

Joining the RIPE NCC allows you to: