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RIPE NCC Membership and Stakeholder Survey 2011

An independent third party, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), conducted the analysis of the survey data. Any information that may identify the respondent was removed by the OII and was not made available to the RIPE NCC or published in the report.

The results of the Membership and Stakeholder Survey 2011 were presented at the RIPE 63 Meeting, which took place in Vienna, Austria from 31 October - 4 November 2011.

The full report is available below. The survey is also split into smaller documents for those who do not wish to download the full report.

Full Report [PDF 4.0MB]

Executive Summary and Survey Results [PDF 2.6MB]

Appendix 1 – Survey Questionnaire [PDF 412kB]

Appendix 2 – Individual Responses [PDF 1.5MB]

Key Findings and Actions [PDF 210kB]