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Training and Certification

Join a webinar or training course

Get useful information, live demos and Q&A sessions with our trainers in less than two hours, without leaving your desk. All courses are given by expert trainers from the RIPE NCC who also take the time to answer any questions you might have about the RIPE NCC or your own operations.

All our webinars and training courses are included in your membership, there are no fees charged. You can attend as many webinars as you like free of charge! Our upcoming webinars are listed in the LIR portal, and you can register online using your RegID. 

Are you new to the RIPE NCC and the RIPE community? Start off by joining one of the Internet Registry webinars created especially for new members to introduce you to the basics of managing your LIR and resources. You will also learn about how policy development works and how you can participate. Or course we have many more topics for you to explore, like RPKI and routing security, how to troubleshoot your network using RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat.

View our full list of webinars.

Become a RIPE NCC Certified Professional

You can get certified by the RIPE NCC by successfully passing a RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam. You can earn a verifiable digital badge that you can use to showcase your expertise. As a RIPE NCC member, you receive three exam vouchers for 2021 as part of your membership benefits. Use your vouchers before 31 December 2021 to schedule your exams. These exams take place online, under the supervision of a live proctor. We currently offer the following certifications:

  • RIPE Database Associate
  • IPv6 Fundamentals - Analyst
  • IPv6 Security Expert 

Read more about RIPE NCC Certified Professionals.

Follow an online course in the RIPE NCC Academy

Learn wherever you are! You can follow an online course in our e-learning environment, the RIPE NCC Academy. Courses in the RIPE NCC Academy are self-paced and open to all. Our online courses are also aligned with our exams, so that you can be thoroughly prepared to get certified. To enrol, login with your RIPE NCC Access account.

Short on time? Check out a micro-learning module.

Start learning on the RIPE NCC Academy.


The RIPE NCC's video library provides a range of useful educational videos that quickly show you how to improve your skills when you're short on time.


Feel free to contact our Learning and Development Department if you have any questions.