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RIPE NCC Supporters

Becoming a RIPE NCC Supporter

During the October 2008 General Meeting, the RIPE NCC members accepted the proposed "RIPE NCC Supporter Agreement", enabling non-members to support the RIPE NCC.

Why should I become a Supporter?

If you do not need to request Internet number resources and related member services from the RIPE NCC but want to show your support for the organisation, you can become a RIPE NCC supporter. Supporters contribute an annual fee and have their name or organisation's name listed on

Who can become a RIPE NCC Supporter?

Any organisation or individual can become a RIPE NCC supporter. You do not have to be a member of the RIPE NCC to show your support.

What is the Difference Between RIPE NCC Supporters and RIPE NCC Members?

RIPE NCC supporters can attend RIPE NCC General Meetings and participate in the discussions but they do not have any voting rights. RIPE NCC members can vote on General Meeting resolutions and in Executive Board elections. RIPE NCC supporters are also unable to request any RIPE NCC Member Services.

Become a Supporter:

You can sign up by sending an email to [email protected].