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RIPE NCC Survey 2016

The RIPE NCC Survey 2016 was conducted in May and June by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) on behalf of the RIPE NCC.

4,344 people from over 100 countries participated, making this the biggest and most diverse response to any RIPE NCC survey since the organisation's formation. This gives the RIPE NCC a vast amount of feedback it can use to improve its services and develop its strategy for the years ahead.

The full report on the survey is provided in the links below. All the raw data, including the responses to open questions, are provided in Appendix 4.

Full Survey Report

OII Report on the RIPE NCC Survey 2016

Key Findings and Proposed Actions

List of key findings from survey and actions proposed by the RIPE NCC


Appendix 1 – Consultations Report

Appendix 2 – Information on Regional Classification

Appendix 3 – Survey Questionnaire

Appendix 4 – Full Statistics and Responses to Open Questions