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RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2005

Following the successful RIPE NCC Membership Survey conducted in 2002, the RIPE NCC conducted another survey in 2005. The purpose of these surveys is to ensure that the RIPE NCC continues to meet members' needs, and to give all members the opportunity to voice their opinions on the activities that it undertakes and the services it provides.

The RIPE NCC commissioned KPMG to conduct the 2005 Membership Survey. It was conducted independently, with all individual responses being sent to KPMG to ensure confidentiality.

The survey was divided into three sections: the first section focused on current RIPE NCC services, the second concentrated on future plans and the third gave respondents the opportunity to make other suggestions.

Response Rate

The response rate to the survey was encouraging, as a wide range of members were represented, with responses coming from more than 50 countries and a total of 279 respondents.

Next Steps

Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC gave a presentation about the RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2005 in the RIPE NCC Services Working Group at RIPE 51.