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RACI - Get funding to present your research

The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) connects academia with the RIPE community. It allows academics to share and develop their research by collaborating with leading technical figures in the Internet world.

Join leaders in the Internet industry and present!

This is your opportunity to present your research to Internet pioneers. Join us for meetings across our service region. We invite students and researchers to present their Internet-related research at RIPE Meetings as well as MENOG, CAPIF, SEE meetings and RIPE NCC Days.

Are you carrying out research?

We’re looking for people who are researching:

Network measurement and analysis
IPv6 deployment
BGP routing
Network security
Internet governance
Peering and interconnection
Internet of Things (IoT)
Sustainability in ICT


We pay for your meeting ticket, flights and accommodation

Submit a short abstract and draft slides to apply. Make sure you are concise and keep your abstract under 300 words. If you’re interested in presenting at a particular meeting, be sure to note the specific deadline. Find out more by reading the application guidelines.

Join us for the next meeting

Meetings are held throughout the year. We invite the Internet community to connect and share experiences across our service region. Up next, we have:


Application deadline
SEE 11, 4-5 April, Split 29 January 2023
RIPE 86, 22-26 May, Rotterdam  9 March 2023
RIPE NCC Days Sofia, 27-28 June, Sofia 23 April 2023

Apply now

Stay up to date

Don’t like the sound those deadlines make as they go whooshing by? Join the RACI mailing list, and we’ll keep you updated about RACI. You can also take part in discussions between the RIPE community and academia! Take the opportunity to discuss your research related to the Internet with the members who boast a strong technical background.

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