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RIPE Database Software and Tools

RIPE Database Tools
These tools are designed to help manage and maintain whois data in the RIPE Database.
Network Management Tools
Useful utilities that we (the RIPE NCC) produced for you (our members) to manage your resources and help you with your resource requests.
Syntax Checkers
The LIR Portal has the functionality to do real-time syntax checking on request forms and offer interactive help. As a result, you will not have to syntax check your request before copying and pasting it in your email client.
Routing Tools
These tools are designed to help make routing information more convenient and useful for network engineers.

RIPE Database Tools

Network Management Tools

  • IP Analyser
    This LIR Portal application offers a usage overview of your registry's allocations as registered in the RIPE Database. It displays all assignments, all available free space, as well as all invalid assignments that require your attention.
  • IPCount Tool
    A tool that returns a list of IP prefixes with their ranges and sizes from a given IP address range.
  • Standard Text Template source (via FTP)
    The source code of the Standard Template Tool for generating customised standard email replies.
  • Zone Delegation Checker
    A gateway to the routines which the RIPE NCC use to check reverse zone setup in the DNS before they are actually delegated.


Suggestions, bug reports and patches are most welcome - Please send them to swbugs _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Syntax Checkers

The RIPE NCC has a test facility that replicates the request robot's behaviour.
You can use this system by sending test requests to this email address: test-hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net

Resource request forms mailed to test-hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net are processed in exactly the same way as requests mailed to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net, except:

  • it will not create/update tickets
  • it will not store incoming and outgoing emails
  • it makes no changes in the ticket database
  • it uses NCC#9999999999 as the default ticket number for newly created tickets

If you have any questions about the test facility please email sw-bugs _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Request Response Time

Routing Tools

Prototype for Synchronous Updates on the RIPE Database