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We distribute IPv4 addresses to our members according to policies developed by the RIPE community.

In 2012, we reached our last /8 block of IPv4 addresses and a new policy governing how we distribute these remaining resources came into effect.

RIPE NCC members can now request one final /22 allocation of IPv4 addresses, provided they will use this to make assignments. To request a /22 allocation, members should use the IPv4 Request Form.

With the world's supply of IPv4 addresses quickly becoming exhausted, it is important that networks deploy IPv6 to safeguard the future of the Internet. Get a step-by-step guide to IPv6 deployment at the IPv6 Info Centre.

Do you speak Russian? We have a summary document that explains how to get IPv4, IPv6 and ASNS from the RIPE NCC in Russian: Getting Resources (Russian).

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