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Request a Temporary Assignment

The RIPE NCC may assign number resources to End Users on a temporary deployment basis for a specific time-limited purpose. Examples of specific purposes include, but are not limited to, academic research and experimental purposes, conferences and other types of events which require network connectivity for short periods of time, and other strictly time-limited projects such as deployment tests for new Internet services and technologies.

Resources issued for temporary assignments must not be used for purposes other than those specified in the application, and they may be returned to the RIPE NCC at any time during the approved assignment period. The number resources will be automatically de-registered and returned to the appropriate reservation pool at the end of the approved assignment period.

The RIPE NCC will register the issued number resources in the RIPE Database for the duration of the assignment and will note the start and end dates of the assignment period for each database object. Read: Temporary Internet Number Assignment Policies

Requesting a Temporary Assignment

Step 1: The LIR must first sign the following agreement with its End User:Temporary Independent Assignment and Maintenance Agreement.

Step 2: Next, submit the request to the RIPE NCC using the Request Resources form (requires authentication), including the information that will be required for your request.