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abuse-c Information



The RIPE NCC began implementing a new policy in 2013 to ensure that all resources allocated and assigned by the RIPE NCC include an "abuse-c:" attribute. The idea behind the policy is to make it easier for end users to find abuse contact information to report abuse to the appropriate resource holder, and to give resource holders a single, consistent place to include this information in the RIPE Database.

The "abuse-c:" attribute is contained within the organisation object, and references a role object containing abuse contact information in an "abuse-mailbox:" attribute. All the organisation objects linked by the resources you manage (both IPv4 and IPv6) must contain an "abuse-c:" attribute.

abuse-c diagram

Relationship between RIPE Database objects involved in abuse-c

Policy implementation and timeline

The policy is being implemented in different ways and at different times for holders of allocated (PA) and assigned (PI and ASN) resources.

For allocated (PA) resource holders (Phase 1)

Beginning in Q2 of 2013, we asked all RIPE NCC members holding resources allocated by the RIPE NCC (PA resources) to set an "abuse-c:" attribute for their resources by 30 November 2013. They could either use an existing role object or create a new role object for this purpose in the RIPE Database, or use a simplified tool that automatically created the role object for them.

In December 2013, the RIPE NCC began setting "abuse-c:" attributes for allocated resources held by LIRs who had not yet set their own, using the email address on file for each LIR as contained in the RIPE NCC member list. We expect to complete setting "abuse-c:" attributes for any remaining members by Q1 of 2014.

RIPE members who wish to change their abuse contact email address will need to change the role object containing the "abuse-mailbox:" attribute. This can be done using the RIPE Database Webupdates tool. See the FAQs more information on how to do this.

PA holders who wish to set the "abuse-c:" attribute for space they've assigned out of their allocation can learn more in the FAQs.

For assigned (PI and ASN) resource holders (Phase 2)

In early 2014, the RIPE NCC asked assigned (PI and ASN) resource holders to set an "abuse-c:" attribute for their resources. They were able to do this using a simplified form that automatically created a new role object and update their organisation object for them.

PI and ASN resource holders can set their abuse email address by updating their organisation object. First query for the organisation using the query page, and then click Update Object.

By late 2014, the RIPE NCC automatically added the Sponsoring LIR's abuse contact information to the organisation object of any sponsored resources which were not updated by their maintainers before that time. The resource holders themselves are always able to modify this data themselves.

More information

The policy is described in RIPE Document ripe-563, "Abuse Contact Management in the RIPE Database." The policy proposal, which was accepted by the RIPE community, is 2011-06, "Abuse Contact Management in the RIPE NCC Database".

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQs about abuse-c for more information.