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The table below gives the number of reserved addresses we have remaining. In November 2019, we allocated the last addresses in our available pool and will allocate any recovered addresses via a waiting list.

These figures are updated weekly and adjusted as IPv4 addresses are distributed and returned.

The graph below is interactive. You can zoom in by dragging a rectangle over any desired section. To reset the view, simply double-click anywhere inside the graph.

The different layers in the graph represent the following:

  • In dark blue (bottom layer), you can see the status of (the last /8) which is available for allocation.
  • In light blue (middle layer), you can see the other available addresses we have in our pool. This category includes addresses received from IANA's Recovered IPv4 Pool. It also includes previously allocated or assigned address space that was returned by resource holders in our service region (e.g., when an LIR closes down) which are then added to the available address pool after a quarantine period.
  • In very dark blue (top layer), you can see the address space that is currently reserved. Included in this category is a /13 for temporary assignments, a /15 for assignments to IXPs. This also includes recovered address ranges still in quarantine.