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Converting PI Assignments to PA Allocations for LIRs

RIPE NCC members can convert their IPv4 PI assignments into IPv4 PA allocations if they wish. Members can request this update via the LIR Portal.

PI assignments can be converted into PA allocations if the assignment is correctly registered with the RIPE NCC to the same legal entity that the LIR is registered to.

IPv4 PI assignments consisting of multiple prefixes can be split on request and then converted into allocations, provided each of them meet the criteria above. It is also important to note that:

  • The conversion process is irreversible.
  • Addresses from PI assignments cannot be further assigned to other organisations (customers, subsidiaries etc) and can only be used for the holder's infrastructure.
  • PA allocations can be further assigned by creating more specific PA assignments.
  • The usage of PA allocations must be documented in the RIPE Database by creating PA assignments.
  • There is an annual fee of EUR 75 on top of the service fee for the registration of PI assignments. The registration of allocations is currently included in the service fee that LIRs already pay.
  • PI assignments can be sponsored by other RIPE NCC members while PA allocations cannot be sponsored. This is important in case there is a need to terminate your RIPE NCC membership.

Members should contact the RIPE NCC if the registration data for an assignment needs to be updated due to a change in the company structure, for example in the case of a merger or acquisition.