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Minutes 58th Executive Board Meeting

Author:Nigel Titley
Revision No.: 1.2
Maintainer:Sabine Mader

1300-1730 at the offices of the RIPE NCC, Amsterdam


Dmitry Burkov, ICANN Liaison
Kees Neggers, Chairman
Jim Reid, Member
Nigel Titley, Secretary
János Zsakó, Treasurer

Guest: Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chairman

Sabine Mader, Assistant to the Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Jochem de Ruig, Chief Financial Officer, RIPE NCC (present for agenda topics 6 and 8)


  1. Agenda/Comments
  2. Apologies
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes EB#57
  4. Next Meeting/Strategic Workshop
  5. GM Minutes approval
  6. Report from the RIPE NCC
  7. Information PI Policy proposal
  8. GM Preparation
    1. Activity Plan
    2. Budget
    3. Charging Scheme
    4. Agenda
    5. Presentations
    6. Board Activities
    7. Treasury Report
  1. IPv4 Exhaustion Issues
    1. Potential Statements by Board or RIPE Community
    2. Review related policy proposals
    3. Related plans for RIPE 55
  1. External Relations
    1. ICANN
    2. NRO/IGF
    3. RIPE NCC
  1. AOB

1. Agenda/Comments

Items 7, 9 and 10 to be dealt with first to allow Rob to leave.

2. Apologies

No apologies. All Board members present.

3. Approval of Previous Minutes EB#57

No comments. Minutes approved.

4. Next Meeting/Strategic Workshop

24 October 2007, prior to General Meeting. No lunch meeting needed.
11-12 December 2007, Strategy and Board meeting.

5. GM Minutes Approval

The Board approved the minutes of the Tallinn General Meeting.

6. Report from the RIPE NCC

The Fund is happy with the Business Continuity Plan. It suggests to make a check of the amount of business insurance part of the Plan. It was agreed to review this on a regular basis. They would also like some wording to cover the development of a proper windup process should the RIPE NCC ever need to wind up. Axel was empowered to take this forward.

7. Information PI Policy proposal

Discussion of policy proposal 2007-01:

Axel presented the policy proposal and relevant background, including a first draft of a possible End User Service Agreement prepared by the RIPE NCC Staff.

During the discussion of the proposal, the Board expressed sympathy for the objectives of the proposal and commends the authors of the proposal for their positive attitude. However, the Board concluded that the proposed implementation via end user agreements would require a major restructuring of the RIPE NCC as a membership organisation that would seriously outbalance the potential benefits.

The board resolved to ask Axel to present in the Address Policy WG the board's sympathy with the proposals principal goals as well as the board's concerns for the potential administrative overhead and to ask them to investigate other means of regulating PI space usage.

8. GM Preparation

8.1. Activity Plan

Accepted with some minor textual changes.

8.2. Budget

Axel/Jochem to produce new detailed budget with last year's measured figures in a separate column.

8.3. Charging Scheme

Improve the wording to give better explanation for the table on page 5, which is confusing.

8.4. Agenda

Final agenda to be circulated to Board before last week in September.

8.5. Presentations
8.6. Board Activites
8.7. Treasury Report

9. IPv4 Exhaustion Issues

9.1. Potential Statements by Board or RIPE Community

Axel, together with the Board to propose a statement (possibly based on the APNIC draft statement) to be presented to the AP-WG and then endorsed by the Plenary.

9.2. Review related policy proposals

None of the policy proposals so far have gathered support in the RIPE region. We should encourage the AP-WG to consider the situation and decide whether it feels that any special policy changes are needed.

9.3. Related Plans for RIPE 55

The whole of Tuesday afternoon will be dedicated to discussion of this topic.
Note that the RIPE NCC should consider various IPv4 scenarios for the proposed strategy day.

10. External relations

10.1. ICANN

NRO will ensure that the current joint RIR letter is appropriately signed and returned to ICANN. Axel is authorised to sign on behalf of the RIPE NCC.

10.2. NRO/IGF

There will be no additional statement on IPv4 exhaustion from the NRO. The individual Board statements are adequate. The board is happy to see that a large number of countries have instigated IPv6 task forces and commend them for their foresight.

10.3. RIPE

Emphasis at RIPE 55 will be on IPv4 exhaustion. Preparations are well in hand.

11. AOB


The meeting was closed at 17:30.