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Minutes 57th Executive Board Meeting

Author: Paul Rendek
Date: 2007/05/09


Revision No.: 1.0
Status: Draft

Maintainer: Sabine Mader

Minutes of the RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting EB #57 on 9 May 2007

1230-1330, Sokos Viru Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia

Dmitry Burkov, ICANN Liaison (by telephone)
Kees Neggers, Chairman
Jim Reid, Member
Nigel Titley, Secretary
János Zsakó , Treasurer

Sabine Mader, Assistant to the Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Paul Rendek, Head of External Relations & Comms., RIPE NCC


1. Agenda / Comments
2. Apologies, New Agenda Points
3. Approval of Previous Minutes #56
4. General Meetings
5. AOB

Kees Neggers, RIPE NCC Chairman, opened the meeting at 12:30.

1. Agenda / Comments

2. Apologies, New Agenda Points

Letter to ICANN

Kees suggested to have a brief follow-up from the informal RIR Board meeting that took place on morning of Wednesday, 9 May. This topic was discussed in agenda point 5.

3. Approval of Previous Minutes, #56

The minutes of the 56 th RIPE NCC Executive Board meeting were approved.

4. General Meeting

Kees proposed that the Board review/walk through each agenda item of the meeting and have a final look at the material that had been prepared for the General Meeting.

There was a short review of the changes that were proposed to the RIPE NCC Articles of Association.

The Board carried out a final review of the Executive Board report presentation.

5. AOB

An update on the informal meeting of RIR Board members was given to Dmitry who was not present. The Board expressed its content with the discussions.

The Board discussed the letter to ICANN. ICANN finds it important that we have a letter ready before the Puerto Rico meeting.

Dmitry stressed that we as RIRs need to prepare our positions in regard to the issue of IPv4 exhaustion. The Board agreed that it would work with the other RIR Boards to ensure the way forward.

Axel suggested that the Board fix as date for a strategic planning meeting with the RIPE NCC management in order to agree the way forward with long-term planning and to prepare for Activity Plan 2008. The date was provisionally set for Thursday, 7 June 2007.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 13:30.