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Minutes 51st Executive Board Meeting

Author: Paul Rendek
Date: 2006/06/07

Revision No.: 1.2

Status: Final
Maintainer: Sabine Mader

Minutes of the RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting EB #51 on 25 April 2006, Istanbul, Turkey


Frode Greisen, ICANN Liaison
Jim Reid, Member
Nigel Titley, Secretary
János Zsakó, Treasurer

Sabine Mader, Assistant to the Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Paul Rendek, Head of Member Services & Comms., RIPE NCC


Kees Neggers, Chairman

Frode Greisen opened the meeting at 12:30


1. Agenda / Comments (1230)
1.1. Apologies, New Agenda Points
1.2. Approval of Previous Minutes, #50
2. General Meeting
3. AOB

1. Agenda / Comments (1230)

No new agenda items were raised.

1.1. Apologies, New Agenda Points

Kees Neggers was unable to attend the meeting.

Due to the absence of the Executive Board Chairman the Board agreed that Frode Greisen would chair the General Meeting scheduled for 26 April 2006.

No new agenda points were proposed.

1.2. Approval of Previous Minutes, #50

The Board approved the minutes of the RIPE NCC Board meeting #50.

2. General Meeting

The Board reviewed and discussed the agenda and procedure for the General Meeting as well as the Executive Board report planned for the meeting.

Axel confirmed that the RIPE NCC presentations planned for the General Meeting would be delivered at the RIPE Services Working Group meeting.

The Board reviewed the voting process and asked for a total of votes including proxy votes to be delivered to the Board at the start of the General Meeting.

A discussion took place to go over the achievements of the Board during 2005 in preparation for the Executive Board report.

3. AOB

Janos raised the issue that there may be a significant positive impact on the RIPE NCC finances depending on the outcome of the Personnel Fund discussions. Janos stated that the Board should discuss the fee structure for services in 2007 at an upcoming Board meeting.

In order to remain within the agreed reserve level, Janos asked the Board to consider giving the members a discount on services in 2007 instead of lowering the fees. The Board briefly discussed this and agreed to spend more time on this issue at an upcoming Board meeting.

No additional points of business were raised.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 13:10.

Outstanding Actions:

EB105 17/11/04 / AP
The Board asked that the NRO outline a strategy to implement the IANA service agreement contract and propose how this contract should be formulated and reviewed by the RIR Boards.

  • Status 31/03/04: The NRO is currently drafting an IANA service agreement. The doc. will go to the RIR Boards to gather feedback. The RIPE NCC Board will take a formal resolution on the service agreement.
  • Status 06/09/05: Axel reported that work is ongoing and that a draft would be ready for the Board prior to their meeting in November.
  • Status 12/10/05: ONGOING - Snapshots of the documents under current examination were discussed.
  • Status 24/11/05: ONGOING The meeting discussed the status of progress in formulating an IANA service contract.
  • Status 23/03/06: ONGOING Axel will meet with the NRO EC in Wellington to finalise the text for the IANA service contract. The document will then be sent to the RIR boards.

EB112 06/09/05 / AP
Axel was asked to prepare a documented request to the Hay Group regarding the Managing Director (MD) function. The Board will then request advice from the Hay Group on the remuneration package for the MD function.

  • Status 12/10/05: ONGOING
  • Status 24/11/05: ONGOING - The document will be amended in cooperation with the Board.
  • Status 23/03/06: ONGOING - The Executive Board is awaiting a response from the Hay Group, in response to Kees Neggers' letter.

EB118 24/11/05 AP
The Board will seek explicit support from the members at the General meeting for professional indemnification. In addition, the Board agreed to raise the Director Liability Insurance up to 1,000,000 Euros and include US coverage in the insurance. The Board also agreed to acquire professional liability insurance for RIPE NCC operations.

  • Status 23/03/06: ONGOING Axel will approach the RIPE NCC lawyers for the appropriate resolution text to indemnify the Board. This resolution will be included as an agenda item for the upcoming General Meeting.

EB120 23/03/06 FG
Frode to draft text outlining the Executive Board's concerns about the NRO incorporation documents. Upon agreement of the Board the text will be circulated to the RIR Boards.

EB121 23/03/06 AP
Axel to analyse RIPE fee developments since the last RIPE Meeting fee adjustment with the RIPE Chairman and produce a proposal in time for discussion at the 20 June 2006 Executive Board meeting.

EB122 23/03/06 AP
The Board asked Axel to prepare the Directors' Indemnification resolution text for Board agreement prior to formal publication as an agenda item for the General Meeting.

EB123 23/03/06 KN
Kees will report on the RIPE NCC Board's view in the next meeting of the Personnel Fund Board meeting.

New Actions:

EB124 25/04/06 JZ (support from Jochem de Ruig)
Janos to prepare a proposal of potential fee scenarios taking into account the expected surplus and the possible one-time impact of Personnel Fund discussions on RIPE NCC finances.