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Minutes 44th Executive Board Meeting

Author: Paul Rendek
Date: 23 September 2004

Revision No.: 1.1

Frode Greisen, ICANN Liaison
Manfredo Miserocchi, Member
Kees Neggers, Chairman
Nigel Titley, Secretary
János Zsakó, Treasurer

Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC
Sabine Mader, Executive Assistant, RIPE NCC
Paul Rendek, Head of Member Services & Comms., RIPE NCC


  1. Agenda / Comments
    1.1. Apologies, New Agenda Points
    1.2. Approval of Previous Minutes, #43
    1.3. Date of Next Meetings
  2. Outstanding Actions
  3. Report from the RIPE NCC
  4. Preparations General Meeting
    4.1. Board Presentation
    4.2. Review presentations / documents
  5. AOB

Kees Neggers, RIPE NCC Executive Board Chair opened the meeting at 17:45.

1. Agenda / Comments

1.1. Apologies, New Agenda Points

The Board agreed to discuss the following topics in this meeting:

a. WSIS – RIPE NCC's commitment to the WSIS – Working Group on Internet Governance;

b. ICANN – Remaining payments to ICANN and the outstanding IANA Service Agreement.

1.2. Approval of Previous Minutes, #43

The Executive Board approved the minutes of the 43rd RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting.

1.3. Date of Next Meetings

EB# 45, Thursday, 18 November at 13:00.

[editorial change as agreed after the meeting:
17 November 09:00- 12:00, 12:00-13:00 light lunch]

The meeting will take place at the RIPE NCC offices in Amsterdam.

2. Outstanding Actions

The status of outstanding actions and new action items are attached at the end of this document.

3. Report from the RIPE NCC

Axel Pawlik provided a report from the RIPE NCC to the Executive Board.


The Board asked for a progress report for the signing of the new RIPE NCC Service Agreement. Axel explained that this was being done in batches and that the first set of service agreements were mailed in early September.

The Board discussed the planned signing of the ICANN ASO MoU scheduled to take place in October 2004. The Board approved the signing of the new ASO MoU. Axel was authorised to sign the new ASO MoU on behalf of the RIPE NCC.

The incorporation of the NRO as a legal entity was briefly discussed. The Board agreed to discuss this issue in more detail at a later meeting.

The meeting discussed RIPE NCC's commitment to support the WSIS – Working Group on Internet Governance.

The meeting discussed the outstanding payments due to ICANN in relation to the expected IANA service agreement with the RIRs. It was confirmed that final remittance of outstanding payments will only be made upon receipt of the awaited IANA service agreement.

4. Preparations General Meeting

Axel Pawlik confirmed that the General Meeting (GM)was organised in accordance with the RIPE NCC Articles of Association. He added that meeting preparations were complete and the RIPE NCC was ready to welcome members to the GM – September 2004.

The Board was presented with an update of the amount of registrations and proxy votes received to date for the GM – September 2004. It was confirmed that the Board would receive the final figures prior to the start of the meeting.

The Board discussed general participation at the GM now that it is co-located with the RIPE Meeting. It was stated that participation in the GM meeting has increased but that Friday afternoon may not be the optimum time slot for this meeting. The Board agreed to take this up with the RIPE Chair and propose a time slot early in the week possibly adjacent to the RIPE NCC Services Working Group so that presentation would not be duplicated to participants of both meetings.

4.1. Board Presentation

The Board reviewed and agreed on the presentation to be delivered to the General Meeting.

4.2. Review presentations / documents

The meeting reviewed the presentations prepared for the General Meeting – September 2004.

5. AOB

János Zsakó stated that the negotiations for extended contracts for the RIPE NCC offices have been conducted. There was a general discussion about the contracts surrounding the RIPE NCC offices.

No other issues were formally raised.

The Chair closed the meeting at 18:45

Outstanding Actions

EB98 14/01/04 / AP (supersedes EB70)
To continue to work with Rob Blokzijl and Jochem de Ruig on principles of RIPE meeting cost accounting.
Status 22/06/04: Ongoing, input will be provided by Nigel Titley and János Zsakó and the results will be reported to the Board.
Status 14/09/04: Results based on input from Nigel Titley and János Zsakó have been published in the board document store as RIPENCC-EB136.

Status 23/09/04: DONE

EB103 05/05/04 / AP
The RIPE NCC is tasked to split the current reserves of the RIPE NCC into two accounts at different banks with the same or higher credit rating.
Status 22/06/04: Ongoing, Axel stated that the RIPE NCC was currently busy with this action point and will keep the Board informed.

Status 23/09/04: Awaiting board meeting in Amsterdam (November 2004) to facilitate authentication of board members to Rabobank.