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Minutes 40th Executive Board Meeting

Author: Sabine Mader (Executive Assistant RIPE NCC)
Date: 14 January 2004 13:35

Revision No.: 1.0

Kess Neggers, Chairman
Frode Greisen, ICANN liaison
Manfredo Miserocchi, Member
Nigel Titley, Secretary
Janos Zsako, Treasurer

Axel Pawlik, MD RIPE NCC
Sabine Mader, Executive Assistant RIPE NCC
Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair (for agenda points 1-3)
Jochem de Ruig, CFO RIPE NCC, (for agenda point 5)
Andrei Robachevsky, CTO RIPE NCC, (for agenda point 4.2)


  1. Agenda / Comments
    1.1 Apologies, New Agenda Points
    1.2 Approval previous minutes, EB #39
    1.3 Date of Next Meetings
  2. Outstanding Actions
  3. External Relations
    3.1 RIPE
    3.2 ICANN
    3.3 NRO
  4. Report from the RIPE NCC
    Operational Report
    Presentation on k Rootserver Operations
  5. Financial Status and Outlook
    5.1 2003 End of Year preview
    5.2 Revised Budget 2004
    5.3 Treasury Proposal
  6. Scenario Planning Progress
  7. Preparation General Meeting May 2004
  8. AOB

1. Agenda / Comments

1.1 Apologies, New Agenda Points

No new agenda points.
No apologies.

1.2 Approval previous minutes, EB #39

The minutes from meeting #39 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1.3 Date of Next Meetings

EB#41 17th March 2004, 13:00-16:00 (lunch at 12:00) at the RIPE NCC, Amsterdam.
EB#42 5th May 2004, 17:00-19:00 during the RIPE meeting in Amsterdam.

2. Outstanding Actions

The outstanding actions were marked as appropriate, see attached actionlist.

3. External Relations

(Rob Blokzijl was present for this point.)

3.1 RIPE
Rob has worked with RIPE NCC staff to emphasise the differences between RIPE and RIPE NCC. A set of presentations has been prepared and will be given by him and Axel at the next RIPE Meeting and other forthcoming external meetings.
The differences in the policy making processes of ARIN and RIPE were discussed. It was reported that the work to document the RIPE policy making process is ongoing.
Further it was reported about ongoing work with the RIPE NCC staff to improve the clarity of RIPE meeting cost overviews. The results will be used to assess the degree to which the RIPE meeting fees cover the cost of the meetings.

Paul Verhoef has joined ICANN as VP for supporting organisations on 1 Jan 2004 and will attend the next RIPE Meeting from Thursday, 29 until Friday, 30 January.
Further, Doug Barton has taken the position of General Manager of IANA.
No further information was available about the president's committee on IANA that was announced at the same time as Doug Barton being hired.
Major delays in receiving address allocation from IANA, for both ARIN and the RIPE NCC were experienced. The Executive Board expressed its concern about the high turnaround time for IANA address requests.

3.3 NRO
The set up of an initial NRO-website was requested as soon as possible.
Further it was requested that the NRO demands a reaction from ICANN with regard to the ASO MoU letter sent in October.
A paper detailing location conditions for possible later incorporation of the NRO in Switzerland was presented. The Executive Board unanimously preferred Switzerland over Bermuda but noted that no decision had been taken to incorporate.
Rob reported about the efforts in the WSIS process and recommended to stay active and involved. In the coming months the UN task force resulting from the Geneva summit will be set up.
The board recommended to encourage RIPE NCC members to follow the governmental processes regarding WSIS in their respective countries and to establish contacts with the relevant government participants.
It was noted that this issue was put on the next RIPE meeting agenda on Thursday afternoon.

4. Report from the RIPE NCC

4.1 Operational Report
The report from the RIPE NCC was given and discussed.

The AfriNIC funding negotiations are still without result, concern was raised
about financing abilities for the AfriNIC start up phase.

4.2 Presentation on k Rootserver Operations

(Andrei Robachevsky was present for this point)

A presentation on k rootserver operations was given and discussed.

5.Financial Status and Outlook

(Jochem de Ruig was present for this point)

5.1 2003 End of Year preview
A preview of the financial results 2003 was given.
The board agreed that an operating reserve equaling one year's operating cost, would be appropriate.

5.2 Revised Budget 2004
An update of the budget will be given at the next meeting. As no paper was available this point was deferred to the next meeting.

5.3 Treasury Proposal
A presentation about possible treasury management options was given.
The board recommended to deposit the available funds as follows:
1/3 without term and the possibility of immediate release,1/3 for one year,1/3 for three years.
It was also recommended to divide the treasury between two different banks. For the deposits with fixed term it was requested to investigate the costs of accessing the funds before the term end.
A new proposal will be presented until the next Board meeting [EB100].

6. Scenario Planning Progress

The board agreed on principle with the proposed approach to involve members in membership growth forecasting, although some doubts were voiced with regard to sufficient participation.
It was suggested that the RIPE NCC consult board members on an individual basis to speed up and broaden the thinking about development of scenarios. A progress report will be available before the next meeting.

7. Preparation General Meeting May 2004

It was agreed to use the current Activity Plan to highlight and annotate intended changes for presentation at the General Meeting in May 2004, in preparation for revision of the plan prior to the GM in September 2004.

8. AOB


Meeting closed at 18:00

Outstanding Actions

EB70 03/09/02 JR, AP
To review income and cost of RIPE meetings
Deadline: 13 December 2002
Status 16/12/02: more detailed data required
Status 28/01/03: Ongoing
Status 04/04/03: Ongoing, new deadline: 1 June 2003
Status 18/06/03: Ongoing, the Board will receive it during week 26
Status 22/07/03: Ongoing.
Status 01/09/03: Ongoing, will be sent during week 36
Status 04/11/03: Ongoing, copy has been sent out, but was not acceptable to EB. More details required.
Status 14/01/04: Superseded by EB98

See new actionpoint EB98

EB76 16/12/02 AP
Further developments of financial scenarios, possible membership developments including alternative membership classes.
Status 28/01/03: Ongoing
Status 04/04/03: Ongoing, expected to be ready by next meeting
Status 18/06/03: Ongoing, a full document describing 3 scenarios, activity plan and charging scheme, including explanation of the numbers, will be available by 11/7/03
Status 22/07/03: Ongoing, will be done by October 22, 2003
Status 01/09/03: Ongoing, will be on the agenda of next meeting
Status 04/11/03: Ongoing, a presentation was made at the meeting. First concrete documents are expected to be available during January 2004.
Status 14/01/04: Superseded by EB99

See new actionpoint EB99

EB86 18/06/03 JDR
To book the cost of RIPE NCC staff attendance to RIPE meetings to auditors' satisfaction.
Status 22/07/03: Ongoing
Status 01/09/03: Ongoing . JDR to produce a written statement from the auditors saying that the current practice is according to their advice.
Status 04/11/03: Discharged. Written statement has been produced and circulated to the EB.
Status 14/01/04: DONE

EB96 01/09/03 AP
To kick off the production of a fixed format, monthly financial update for the board.
Status 04/11/03: This will be available from January 2004
Status 14/01/04: DONE – Regular reporting will commence in February 2004.

EB97 04/11/03 JDR
To progress representations to the tax authorities aimed at simplifying the Clearing house system.
Status 14/01/04: DONE – A response is expected within a few weeks.

New Actions

EB98 14/01/04 / AP (supersedes EB70)
To continue to work with Rob Blokzijl and Jochem de Ruig on principles of RIPE meeting cost accounting

EB99/ 14/01/04 / AP (supersedes EB76)
To continue scenario development according to EB76.
Individual scenarios to be prepared. For the March meeting a paper on “Ipv6 only” will be presented

EB100/ 14/01/04 / JDR
To present a new treasury proposal until next meeting (17 March 2004)