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Minutes 39th Executive Board Meeting

Author: Nigel Titley, Axel Pawlik
Date: 4 November 2003

Revision No.: 1.0

Kees Neggers
Axel Pawlik
Frode Greisen
Manfredo Miserocchi
Nigel Titley
Janos Zsako

Daniele Bovio
Rob Blokzijl
Sabine Mader
Jochem de Ruig (part of the meeting).

  1. Agenda/Comments
    1.1 Apologies/New Agenda Points
    1.2 Approval previous minutes #37, #38
    1.3 Date of next meeting
  2. Outstanding Actions
  3. RIPE NCC Executive Board Positions
  4. ICANN and the NRO
    4.1.NRO Executive Board
    4.2.NRO next steps
    4.3. ICANN next steps
  5. RIPE NCC personnel fund
  6. Report from the RIPE NCC
  7. Financial Status and Outlook
  8. Scenario Planning Progress
  9. Clearing-house Planning
  10. AOB

1. Agenda/Comments

1.1 Apologies/New Agenda Points
No new agenda points
No apologies

1.2 Approval previous minutes #37, #38
The minutes from meeting #37 and #38 were approved

1.3 Date of next meeting
EB#40 14th January 2004
EB#41 17th March 2004
The General Meeting is planned for the Friday afternoon of the RIPE meeting (7/5/2004).

2.Outstanding Actions

See below.

3.RIPE NCC Executive Board Positions

After the elections to the board at the last General Assembly the board elected officers and responsibilities as follows:
Chairman: Kees
Secretary: Nigel
Treasurer: Janos
ICANN liaison: Frode

4.ICANN and the NRO

NRO is now set up. Chair and secretariat will rotate together and in sync with ASO.
Until the Number Council is created the NRO is an instrument of the RIRs and will exclusively report to them. It should create a website, including a password protected area for the RIR boards (not forgetting transparency) and with a public space for major actions and announcements.

4.1.NRO Executive Board
Axel was appointed as the RIPE NCC representative on the NRO Executive Committee.

4.2.NRO next steps
The RIPE NCC asks Axel to vote to delay the creation of the Number Council.
It is expected that normal business will be dealt with by the NRO Executive Committee with a much reduced activity on the GAR Boards list.

4.3. ICANN next steps
No official response has yet been received from ICANN to our letter.
Next step is to await a response from ICANN, and then respond to that. We should recommend waiting until the end of next week, before requesting further clarification.

5.RIPE NCC personnel fund

We need to appoint a new employer Board member.
Kees is willing to continue. EB agreed to appoint him for a further term.
Employee Board Members should be appointed by staff for the new term stating 1st December 2003.

6.Report from the RIPE NCC

Internal organisation changes: The Software group has merged with database group, Shane Kerr to be manager of the combined group.
Axel's appraisal will take place, as last year. Kees and Janos to perform the appraisal and the rest of the EB to comment.

7.Financial Status and Outlook

Financial status is looking very healthy. We expect to stay within budget.
When presenting the accounts next time, clarify “Other Income”, and split out “RIPE meetings and LIR courses”.

8.Scenario Planning Progress

Additional scenarios suggested were consideration of reduction of workload associated with the transition (if any) from Ipv4 to Ipv6.
A draft would be delivered by the January EB meeting.
Axel is the project manager, with some help from Daniel and Jochem.
Main parameters were discussed.

9.Clearing-house Planning (Tax advisers present).

For this part of the meeting, Adriaan Daniels and Tijs Mettes of KPN Meijburg & Co were present. Several possible scenarios were discussed, which would be worked out in detail to be presented to the Dutch tax authorities.[EB97]


The EB would like to thank Daniele for his hard work over the past two years. It is hoped that he will stay involved in the work of the RIPE NCC.

Outstanding Actions

EB70 03/09/02 JR, AP
To review income and cost of RIPE meetings
Deadline: 13 December 2002
Status 16/12/02: more detailed data required
Status 28/01/03: Ongoing
Status 04/04/03: Ongoing, new deadline: 1 June 2003
Status 18/06/03: Ongoing, the Board will receive it during week 26
Status 22/07/03: Ongoing.
Status 01/09/03: Ongoing, will be sent during week 36
Status 04/11/03: Ongoing, copy has been sent out, but was not acceptable to EB. More details required.

EB76 16/12/02 AP
Further Developments of financial scenarios, possible membership developments including alternative membership classes.
Status 28/01/03: Ongoing
Status 04/04/03: Ongoing, expected to be ready by next meeting
Status 18/06/03: Ongoing, a full document describing 3 scenarios, activity plan and charging scheme, including explanation of the numbers, will be available by 11/7/03
Status 22/07/03: Ongoing, will be done by October 22, 2003
Status 01/09/03: Ongoing, will be on the agenda of next meeting
Status 04/11/03: Ongoing, a presentation was made at the meeting. First concrete documents are expected to be available during January 2004.

EB86 18/06/03 JDR
To book the cost of RIPE NCC staff attendance to RIPE meetings to auditors' satisfaction.
Status 22/07/03: Ongoing
Status 01/09/03: Ongoing . JDR to produce a written statement from the auditors saying that the current practice is according to their advice.
Status 04/11/03: Discharged. Written statement has been produced and circulated to the EB.

EB96 01/09/03 AP
To kick off the production of a fixed format, monthly financial update for the board.
Status 04/11/03: This will be available from January 2004

New Actions

EB97 04/11/03 JDR
To progress representations to the tax authorities aimed at simplifying the Clearing house system.