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Minutes 30th Executive Board Meeting

Date: 29 October 2002
Time: 9:00-10:15
Venue: Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, Schiphol

Minutes: Sabine Mader (SAM)
Version: 2.0 (FINAL)


Kees Neggers - Chair (KN)
Frode Greisen - ICANN Liaison (FG)
Nigel Titley - Secretary (NT)
Janos Zsako - Treasurer (JZ)
Daniele Bovio - (DB)
Axel Pawlik - Managing Director (AP)
Jochem de Ruig - Chief Financial Officer (JR) Topic 3

Apologies: none


  1. Agenda/Comments
    1.1 Apologies/New Agenda Points
    1.2 Approval previous Minutes
    1.3 Date of next meeting
  2. Outstanding Actions
  3. Presentation financial results Q3/2002
  4. RIPE NCC future plans
  5. AOB

    Action list

1. Agenda/Comments

1.1 No new Agenda points

1.2 Minutes of the 29th EB meeting, held on 3 September 2002, were approved.

1.3 Next meeting will be held from 12:30-16:00 on 13 December 2002 at the offices of RIPE NCC in Amsterdam.

2. Outstanding Actions

Actions were discussed and marked as appropriate. See attached action list.

3. Presentation financial results Q3/200

The Chief Financial Officer Jochem de Ruig (JR) gave an update report on the current financial situation of the RIPE NCC.

The projected loss for 2002 is now 10% less than by the last estimate.

4. RIPE NCC future plans

Axel Pawlik gave a presentation including efficiency and industry relations on the previous day.

5. AOB

The Chairman's presentation for the General Meeting was adopted by the Board.


Outstanding Actions:

EB62 02/10/01 ALL

Reminder on thinking about a strategy re reclamation of address space with the backing of the community only with reasonable justification. Results from further discussions to be included into the Activity Plan 2003

by common consent. Board members to raise the matter individually and privately with the LIR working group, with whom the matter more properly belongs

EB64 / 29/04/02 / AP

Financial scenarios re possible membership developments and their financial implications for a couple of years to be worked out

DELETED, see new action point EB74

EB66 / 29/04/02 / AP

To produce report on clearinghouse status
DELETED, see new action point EB75

EB67 / 29/04/02 / AP

To produce an overview of the costs/revenues of RIPE Meetings
DELETED, see action point EB70

EB68 / 03/09/02 / JR

To clarify clearinghouse procedure in case of financial loss
DELETED, see new action point EB75

EB69 / 03/09/02 / AP

To continue production of financial scenarios, report to be given around mid November 2002
DELETED, see new action point EB74

EB70 / 03/09/02 / JR,AP

To review income and cost of RIPE meetings
merged with EB67 /29/04/02 / AP
ONGOING, Deadline: 13 December 2002

EB71 / 03/09/02 / AP,JR

To calculate changes to the financial forecast and to circulate the revised plan to the Board by the end of the week

EB72 / 03/09/02 / ALL

To discuss revised Activity Plan during the week of RIPE 43

EB73 / 03/09/02 / AP

Announcement for AGM and Board elections to be sent out to the membership.

EB74 / 29/20/02 / AP

Production of financial scenarios, possible membership developments
and resulting membership fees.
Deadline: mid November 2002

EB75 / 29/10/02 / AP

Document describing procedures with regard to the clearinghouse facility
and resulting proposals for EB decisions.