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Minutes 126th Executive Board Meeting

23 September 2019
Author: Sabine Mader
Date: 2019/09/27
Status: Final


  • Falk von Bornstaedt (FB), Member
  • Ondřej Filip (OF), Member
  • Maria Häll (MH), Member
  • Christian Kaufmann (CK), Chairman
  • Remco van Mook (RM), Treasurer
  • Piotr Strzyżewski (PS), Secretary
  • Salam Yamout (SY), Member

Resolution EB#126-R-01:
The RIPE NCC Executive Board resolves that it accepts the role of appointing the Nomination Committee (NomCom) chair and of confirming the selections made by the NomCom; this is according to the procedures outlined in "The RIPE Chair Selection Process" (ripe-727) and "The RIPE Nominating Committee" (ripe-728).