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Maria Häll Biography

The biography of Maria Häll, RIPE NCC Executive Board member.

Maria Häll is Master of Science in Computer Science and since February 2013 is the CEO for SUNET, the Swedish University Network - a branch of The Swedish Research Council.

Maria previously worked at the Government Offices of Sweden - Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications at the division for IT Policy. Maria has extensive experience of working with ICT, broadband and Internet Policy issues, both in the private and public sectors, on local, national and international levels.

Maria is currently co-chairing the RIPE Cooperation Working Group and has been Vice Chair for the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC).

Board engagements:

  • The Swedish representative in the NORDUnet Board. NORDUnet is joint collaboration by the five Nordic National Research and Education Networks owned by the five Nordic countries.
  • Chair of the TU-foundation Board. The TU-foundation is the owner of the Swedish Internet Exchange company Netnod.
  • Chair of ISOC-SE (Internet Society, Swedish chapter)
  • Member of RIPE NCC Executive Board

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