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MENOG 23 Presentations

Full name Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title Created at
Jad El Cham RIPE NCC RIPE NCC - Engagement Strategy for MENOG23 2023-10-11 06:43
ENG. Bassam Albassam MCIT Opening Speech 2023-10-11 07:13
Michuki Mwangi Internet Society Vision 50/50, Keeping Half of Internet Traffic Local 2023-10-12 09:53
Musaab Alammar CST IPv6 Adoption Journey 2023-10-12 10:20
Bernd Spiess DE-CIX, UAE-IX Transformation of Peering in Middle East 2023-10-10 20:58
Salman Alomiri Saudi Arabian Internet Exchange How SAIX is reshaping the Internet ecosystem 2023-10-11 06:58
Ahmed Abdelsalam Cisco Systems SRv6 uSID: End-to-End Solution for Service Creation with Integrated Measurements 2023-09-24 22:15
Nada Alwadi Virginia Tech The politics of Interconnectivity in the Arab Gulf States 2023-09-25 20:57
Marco Schmidt - Jeremy Walder RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Membership: Unlocking the Value 2023-10-10 14:19
Osama I. Aldosary Independent Advisor How Internet Exchange Points Contribute to Internet Health 2023-10-10 14:34
Suhayb Alghutaymil CST Transforming SaudiNIC : A Journey from Direct Registration to Registry-Registrar Model 2023-10-10 15:46
Rayan Alsaedi MCIT Global connectivity in Saudi Arabia and Middle East_updated 2023-10-12 06:55
Fahad Alduraibi CST RPKI Implementation in Saudi Arabia 2023-10-12 09:48
Jad El Cham RIPE NCC RIS – Come Peer with Us! 2023-10-12 10:48
Aftab Siddiqui Internet Society Routing Security in GCC Region 2023-10-12 10:55
Aftab Siddiqui Internet Society Internet Resilience in the MENA Region 2023-10-12 10:56
Maan Almajed CST Internet QoE 2023-10-12 11:07
Hisham Ibrahim RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Update 2023-10-17 09:57
Ahmed Abdelsalam Cisco Systems Routing Correlated Network Analytics 2023-10-17 09:59