The two week term to register an Agenda Proposal to General Meeting May 2024 has now closed. All members had the right to propose an agenda topic with associated resolution for the General Meeting, as per Article 15.6 of the Articles of Association.


List of Agenda Proposals for General Meeting May 2024

Title: Reduce fees of LIRs without IPv4 addresses

Created: 2024-04-27 13:39:55

Proposer: LLC "Hostmaster"

Presenter: Dmytro Kohmanyuk

The member fees for all members do not depend on the existence or quantity
of their IPv4 address allocations and PI assignments. The proposal is to consider charging scheme amendments to reduce fees for “legacy free” members with only IPv6 and AS number resources. No voting is planned.

17 Endorsement(s)

Title: Keep current billing scheme for the next year

Created: 2024-04-24 14:50:19

Proposer: Netassist SL

Presenter: Maksym Tuliev

Keep current billing scheme for the next year.

711 Endorsement(s)