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SEE 10 Presentations

Full Name Affiliation Upload
Nikos Kostopoulos NTUA/GRNET Wi-Fi Network Monitoring with GÉANT WiFiMon
Nathalie Trenaman Routing Security Programme Manager News from your RPKI Trust Anchor
Bernard LI KAM TIN London Internet Exchange The_Road_to_400GE_Presentation
Cristian Stefan Copcea Interlan Internet Exchange TV Exchange Ingterlan
Sander Steffann 6connect Inc Stairway to Anycast
Karla Wagner High Tech Tea Role Models for Diversity & Inclusion
Massimo Candela NTT BGP and RPKI Monitoring with BGPalerter
Ondřej Caletka & Massimiliano Stucchi RPKI Workshop RPKI Workship
Jelena Cosic, Slobodan Markovic RIPE NCC, UNDP Internet in Yugoslavia - From JUPAK to IP
Massimo Candela NTT Easy BGP and RPKI monitoring
Tomek Mrugalski ISC Kea 2.0 - modern DHCP
Jan Zorz 6connect Opening plenary - Jan Zorz
Zoran Perovic SOX SOX Update 2022 RIPE SEE10
Hisham Ibrahim RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Opening Plenary
Hisham Ibrahim RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Update
Goran Slavic NCR Nine things you should know about SD-WAN: but nobody told you
Remco van Mook Lynkstate For Those About To Anycast
Rene Fichtmueller Global NOG Alliance Keep Ukraine Connected "A community joint venture - for success"
Ondřej Caletka RIPE NCC The need for transition to IPv6
Desiree Miloshevic Evans DESCON SEE Klimerko network IoT - Data good enough
Sankalp Basavaraj Akamai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Web Performance – A CDN Specialist Perspective
Daniele Arena NAMEX ANIX Update and Adriatic Route
Vladimir Gazivoda University of Montenegro Montenegro Internet Exchange Point - 2021/2022 Report
Vladislav Bidikov FCSE / Development of
Vesna Manojlovic RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund: Success Stories and J.E.D.I.
Hisham Ibrahim RIPE NCC Closing Plenary