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RIS Live is a feed that offers BGP messages in real-time. It collects information from the RIS Route Collectors (RRCs) and uses a WebSocket JSON API to monitor and detect routing events around the world.

RIS Live is currently only a prototype. Please give us your feedback to help us assess if we should continue developing it as a way of accessing RIS, together with RIPEstat and the RIS Raw Data dumps. Any bug reports or queries should be sent to

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Privacy Terms

The submitted information in the RIS Live Feedback Form, including your personal information, will be processed by the RIPE NCC for the below-mentioned purposes. The RIPE NCC will process the personal information you provide to:

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Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will keep your personal information for the duration of the RIS Live trial period (end of August 2019). By submitting this form, you agree with these Privacy Terms. If you do not agree to these, please do not complete this form. For further details on how we will treat the information you provided us with on this form, please see the RIPE NCC Privacy Statement.