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RIPE NCC Certified Professionals at RIPE 87

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You can take a RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam at RIPE 87 from 27 November - 30 November 2023. A dedicated exam room equipped with a laptop will be available at the meeting venue. You can choose to take any of our exams:

  • RIPE Database Associate
  • BGP Security Associate
  • IPv6 Fundamentals - Analyst
  • IPv6 Security Expert
You can also request to pick up your t-shirt/hoodie if you've already earned a badge from the Certified Professionals desk. Read more about RIPE NCC Certified Professionals.

If you would like to take a RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam, select your preferred day(s). We will contact you to arrange for a convenient time. We will do our best to try to work with your availability during RIPE 86, but cannot guarantee an available slot. Also share your t-shirt and hoodie size with us in advance. If you earn the badge, we'll hand it over to you!
Let us know if you're already certified! Also share your t-shirt size if you're planning to take an exam at RIPE 87 - if you earn the badge - you can pick up a t-shirt/hoodie from us immediately!
We will do our best to provide sizes indicated subject to availability, but cannot guarantee it.