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RIPE Code of Conduct Reporting Form

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Please fill out this form if you have experienced or witnessed behaviour that violates the RIPE Code of Conduct. All reports will be handled by the Code of Conduct team confidentially as described in the RIPE Code of Conduct: Process and Consequences

You can choose to submit a report anonymously. If you choose to do make an anonymous report, you will not receive a confirmation or be notified of any outcomes.

Please describe the incident you wish to report and include any information you think will assist the CoC team with reaching an outcome in this case. The CoC team may have to contact you to get further details as well as undertake other actions (e.g. contact the subject of the report to get their side of the story etc) when assessing whether the reported incident is a violation of the RIPE Code of Conduct. Once the team has made its decision, you will be notified of the outcome.

If you would like to be contacted by the Code of Conduct team, you can share more details about how you would like to be contacted in this space.

If you are submitting an anonymous report, please share detailed information about the incident as the Code of Conduct team will not be able to contact you.