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DNS Hackathon 2023

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Thank you for your interest in the DNS Hackathon 2023!

The DNS Hackathon will take place over 20-21 May 2023 in Rotterdam, the weekend before RIPE 86

It is co-organised by DNS-OARC, Netnod and RIPE NCC, and is sponsored by SIDN, NLnet Labs and ISC. 

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • 28 Feb - Applications open
  • 23 March - Application deadline
  • 30 March - First round acceptance letters sent
  • 11 May - Introductory webinar for hackathon participants
  • 20-21 May - DNS Hackathon 2023 in Rotterdam
  • 22-26 May - RIPE 86 in Rotterdam

For more information, please check this web page

Personal Information

If you log in with your RIPE NCC SSO Account, your RIPE NCC Access Profile data will be pre-filled.
If you log in with your RIPE NCC SSO Account, your RIPE NCC Access Profile data will be pre-filled.
At this hackathon we aim to improve the gender balance, compared to similar events. This field is optional.

Hackathon Related Information

Please tell us about yourself, so that the organisers can make a selection of the best mix and match of skills, backgrounds and experieces. 

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If you have chosen "other", please let us know what are you relevant specific skills.
At this hackathon, we aim to be welcoming to all levels of experience. This field is optional.
Tell us why you would like to participate in the hackathon, what would you like to achieve, and what you can contribute. Please include information about any previous work you have done that is relevant to this hackathon. You can also include links to code repositories, projects, interests etc. This information will be used by the organisers to make a decision on whether you will be accepted as a participant.
Is there a project that you would like to work on at this hackathon? Something that you are perhaps already working on, or an idea that you are passionate about? Please include a description and any links. Are you part of a team that is applying together? Please specify that here. (Maximum 250 words)
This information will be shared with your fellow participants to help us create teams ahead of the event. You can include information that you have already provided (motivation, projects, code, interests) or anything else you would like to mention. If you do not want us to share this information, please leave the field empty. (Maximum 500 words)

Hackathon Logistics

Please let us know if you require any special assistance or have any particular dietary requirements (food allergies or any dietary restrictions).
Do you need travel funding? Is this a prerequisite for your attendance? Normally, we do not have this available, but just in case we receive more sponsorship, do let us know - and we will see what we can do. Please explain why. To be legible, you must apply BEFORE the first deadline, so that we have time to consider your request.