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RIPE Meeting: 46
Working Group: Routing
Status: Final
Revision Number: 1

Minutes of the Routing Working Group held at RIPE 46, Amsterdam,
Tuesday, 2nd & Wednesday, 3rd September 2003

Session 1:

* Administrativia
(Joao Damas)

Chair: Joao Damas
Scribe: James Aldridge, RIPE NCC
Minutes from R45: Circulated a few days ago;
no comments -> approved!
Actions from R45: None

* RPSLng Update
(Joao Damas)

- New draft (draft-blunk-rpslng-01.txt); includes input from previous
discussions. Last Call went out last week. Next stage, if
approved, is to ask IESG to move this document to "Proposed

* Bidirectional Forwarding Detector
(Dave Ward, Cisco)

BFD: Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
Dave Katz, Juniper; Dave Ward, Cisco
"Forwarding Plane Failover Detection"

Internet Drafts:

Email list:
rtg-bfd _at_ ietf _dot_ org


"What's vendor response like?" Very good; under pressure to get this
implemented quickly. Cisco, Juniper + some switch vendors working on

"If running over unencrypted tunnels, does discriminator give enough
info to demux and authenticate packet?" No; can be spoofed!.

* Geographical aggregation for multihoming in IPv6
(Iljitsch van Beijnum)

(update since RIPE-44 & Vienna IETF)

- proposed interim solution for IPv6 multihoming
- provider internal


"Address allocations per ISP?" No; allocated globally.

Session 2:

* RIS Update
(Matthew Williams, RIPE NCC)


"myASn: exact match only or more specific too?" More specific too
(with exception capabilities in beta version).

"myASn: just 'my' ASn or 'somebody else's' ASn too?" Any AS.

* Verification of Zebra as a BGP Measurement Instrument
(Hong Wei Kong; presented by Lance Tatman, Agilent Labs)

Hong Wei Kong


"When will 'recording tool' be ready?" At least 6 months until

"Will 'recording tool' allow playback?" (feature request)

"What outstanding Zebra bugs?" Zebra should separate receiving and
dumping threads; general structural problem within Zebra.

Feedback required on demand for a route recorder.

* Comparative analysis of BGP update metrics
(Alex Tudor, Agilent Labs)

Overview of math on OHP:
- Quantile-quantile plots
- Cross-correlation

No questions following presentation

* The Netlantis Project
(Pascal Gloor, Philippe Bourcier)

"real-time" only, no historical data

* Any Other Business

Question to the Routing WG from MCI regarding routing setups. In
particular, as a global ISP using data from the RIPE database and
other registries.

- Inconsistant info in different registries
- Can't determine which is correct
- What to tell customers - where to store data
- US data in European database?
- Auto-generated router setups
- What is the position of RIPE / other areas

Shane Kerr, RIPE NCC: RIPE Routing Registry has no geographical
restrictions but provides authentication for local assignments only.
RIPE NCC can't require registration; only provides the tool.
Suggest RIPE document on how to use routing registry.

Routing Registry Consistency Checking (RRCC) - live bgp data (from RIS
project) compared against routing registry - 40% of RR objects not
announced. Tools to show those route objects so users can delete

Is anyone using auto-generated config from the routing registry
without manual checking? Input requested from wg.

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