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Member Update: June 2024

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1. Organisational Update

2025 Charging Scheme

At the May General Meeting, members voted on three options for the Charging Scheme 2025 model. Members voted to adopt Charging Scheme 2025 Model C, which entails a 16.13% price increase for the annual contribution per LIR account (EUR 1,800), a 50% price increase for Independent Internet number resource assignments (EUR 75) and a new AS Numbers fee of EUR 50 per assignment. You can predict your fees for 2025 using our Charging Scheme calculator.

Results from the General Meeting

The RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2024 took place from 22-24 May 2024. A total of 1,682 votes were cast, and the voting results were announced on Friday, 24 May 2024. Sander Steffann and Piotr Strzyżewski were elected to the Executive Board, and members voted on three resolutions, including the Charging Scheme model for 2025. The full voting report is available. You can also watch the recording of the General Meeting, read the transcript and chat logs and view the presentations in the archive.

Questions for the RIPE NCC in Light of the Last GM

We received a number of questions from our members at the most recent General Meeting on topics such as our technical processes and our financial reporting. We have shared some responses to frequently asked questions.

Quarterly Plans (Q3 2024) Published

We have published the Q3 2024 quarterly plans for our development teams.

These plans include the work items that will be carried out over the next quarter and give the chance to RIPE NCC members and the wider community to provide their feedback and suggestions that the RIPE NCC should be working on going forward.

2. Registry

LIR Stats

Number of LIRs: 21,424 (-12)

Number of members: 20,186 (+5)

LIRs with IPv6: 15,695 (-89)

IPv4 addresses transferred in May: 2,121,216 (+630,272)

LIRs on IPv4 Waiting List: 1,035

Days that first LIR in queue has been waiting: 525

% of IPv4 address space covered by ROAs: 68%

% of IPv6 address space covered by ROAs: 40%

ARCs completed in May: 231

Updated Approach to IPv6 Transfer Requests

During the Address Policy Working Group session at RIPE 88, we presented on the topic of IPv6 stockpiling by several members. The session highlighted widespread support for evolving our application of IPv6 policies, emphasising the importance of enforcing policy requirements for transfers of IPv6 allocations.

In response to this feedback, we have announced that we are now prioritising the enforcement of policy requirements when evaluating IPv6 allocation transfer requests. This updated approach is applied to any new transfer request submitted from 17 June 2024.

Two-Factor Authentication Using Passkeys

Two-factor authentication (2FA) was made mandatory for all RIPE NCC Access accounts in March of this year, and we received many requests to use security keys as an authentication method. You can now use passkeys as a two-factor authentication method for RIPE NCC Access accounts, in addition to authenticator apps.

Quarterly Sanctions Transparency Report Q2 2024

We have published our Quarterly Sanctions Transparency Report for Q2 2024. This quarterly report provides data on how RIPE NCC members, End Users and legacy resource holders are affected by sanctions, while respecting their confidentiality and privacy.

Working Toward a Coordinated RPKI System

On RIPE Labs, Sofía Silva Berenguer elaborates on the new NRO RPKI Program and encourages community members to give their input on how a single, global RPKI system should look and their concerns with the current system.

3. Community and Engagement

RIPE 89 Call for Presentations

The RIPE Programme Committee (PC) is now seeking content proposals for plenary presentations, lighting talks, tutorials and BoFs at RIPE 89.

Both in-person and remote presentations are encouraged.

The deadline to submit a presentation proposal is Friday, 23 August 2024. Read more about the call for presentations and submit your proposal.

In Remembrance - Erik Bais

We were deeply saddened to learn that Erik Bais passed away on Tuesday, 28 May 2024. Erik was a RIPE NCC member, the Address Policy Working Group Chair, and, above all, a friend to RIPE NCC staff and the RIPE community.

Results from RIPE 88

RIPE 88 took place in Kraków from 20-24 May. The meeting marked 35 years of RIPE. The highlights of RIPE 88 are available in the Daily Meeting Blog on RIPE Labs, and all talks are available in the RIPE 88 archives. A number of new Programme Committee members and Working Group chairs were selected.

Internet Measurement Day Uzbekistan

On 29 May 2024, the RIPE NCC, in collaboration with ICANN and with the support of Inha University in Tashkent, organised the Internet Measurement Day in Uzbekistan. A report of the event is now available.

Call for RIPE NCC Training Course Hosts: Q3 2024

We are looking to partner with organisations in different locations to host training courses throughout the year. By hosting a training course, your organisation can register additional attendees while contributing to capacity building efforts in your region. Read more about the requirements to host a training course.

These webinars we have planned for July:

Thu, 4 July 2024 Using RIPE Atlas

Wed, 10 July 2024 Anti-Abuse

Thu, 11 July 2024 BGP Filtering

Tue, 16 July 2024 LIRs and the Internet Ecosystem

Wed, 31 July 2024 RIPE Database Basics


CAPIF 3 will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, from 24-25 September. The call for presentations is open until 20 August.


MENOG 24 will be held from 4-5 December in Muscat, Oman. The call for presentations is open until 1 October.

From Academia to Internet: Pioneers of EARN, NSFNET and RIPE

The latest episode of the RIPE Labs Podcast features three Internet pioneers talking about how they helped grow the Internet out of its early infancy, back when its purpose - and much of the excitement around its development - lay in the promise of connecting researchers from around the world.

The RIPE Code of Conduct Team Update 2024

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE Code of Conduct Team talks about the work they do to help uphold RIPE community values and explains how the team works.

4. Information Services

Update on RIPE Atlas Proposals

In response to community feedback, as well as to the observed behaviour of RIPE Atlas, we made proposals about various aspects of the future behaviour of RIPE Atlas. We have shared a summary of the feedback we have heard so far and the path we plan to take based on this.

Update on DNS Server OS Upgrades

We have completed the upgrades of all our DNS servers to a newer release.


As announced in a recent RIPE Labs article, we will start the work of offboarding users of the service so we can stop this service early next year. We will reach out to the users of the service with instructions on how to migrate away from it and will provide support for those that need it.

RIPE Atlas Anchor OS Upgrades

RIPE Atlas anchors are scheduled for an Operating System (OS) upgrade soon since the current OS will reach its end-of-life on 30 June 2024. We are currently implementing and testing the necessary changes to support a smooth transition to the new OS without service interruption. Consequently, all live anchors will be upgraded by 31 August 2024.

Due to this upgrade process, we have now paused applications for new anchors. New applications will resume from 15 July 2024 with anchors provisioned with the new OS.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].

RIS Peering

Over the last period, RIS has selectively been adding peers. Over the last month we have added our first peering sessions with IXP route servers. We are slowly adding this type of peer. If you have feedback about this data, or want to provide feedback from an IXP route server please get in touch with us at [email protected].