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Call for RIPE NCC Training Courses Hosts

For over two decades, we at the RIPE NCC have offered trainings on a range of technical topics across our service region of 76 countries. Our trainers are trusted by our 20,000 plus members because we offer:

  • Knowledge and skills based on best practices
  • Over 20 years of experience in technical capacity building
  • Vendor-neutral, independent content and certification opportunities
  • We are the authority on the technical infrastructure of the Internet

When training courses take place outside of the Netherlands, the RIPE NCC is dependent on a local host. While this is quite an undertaking, the exposure that the Host will receive and the benefit of the support they provide to the RIPE NCC members should far outweigh their efforts. Our Host is expected to provide general support during both the preparation and delivery of our training courses. This includes:

To Host a RIPE NCC Training Course

You will need to be able to or help find a suitable venue which can:

  • Accommodate 20-25 people in a classroom
  • Provide facilities to hold three coffee breaks and one lunch break
  • Provide catering supplies for the coffee breaks and lunch (cutlery, plates, cups/glasses, etc.)
  • Provide a venue with flip chart, projector, screen, flipchart/whiteboard, markers, and provide a high-speed Internet connection
  • Administrative support – for example, visa invitation letters for participants or trainers 

For further details, please refer to the RIPE NCC Training Course Host Requirements webpage.

Benefits of Hosting a Training Course

Hosting RIPE NCC Training Courses provides your organisation with visibility within the RIPE NCC membership.

  • Display your company's logo and name on the RIPE NCC training hosts webpages 
  • Your organisation will also be given the opportunity to make a five-minute welcome speech at the start of the training days and highlight your organisation's profile
  • You can register up to five attendees from your organisation


If you would like to host RIPE NCC Training Courses, please email us at training [at] ripe [dot] net. Your host proposal should be as detailed as possible and we require the following information from you:

  • The name of your organisation and a short motivation text explaining why you would like RIPE NCC Training Course host.
  • The city in which you are proposing to training courses - include some highlights that explain why RIPE NCC Course attendees might wish to visit this city.
  • Accessibility to the city (airport, airlines, railway, etc.).
  • Information on any local requirements, laws, policies, etc., in the proposed meeting location that might affect the meeting or its organisation. For example, you must let us know about any special visa requirements, any permits we would need to obtain to hold a training course in the proposed location, and so on. This information will help us assess your proposal.
  • A shortlist of at least two suitable meeting venues (hotels and/or conference centres) that meet the training course requirements summarised below:

    o A room of at least 20-25 seats “classroom style”
    o A coffee break area for 20-25 people
    o A restaurant that can host a group seated lunch for at least 20-25 people
    o At least 2 standard guest rooms (at the venue or nearby)

For further details, please refer to the detailed list of requirements to host a RIPE NCC Training Course

Please also provide any additional information that you think would support your proposal to host RIPE NCC Training Courses.

What Happens Next?

Please email us at [email protected] so we can consider your proposals for hosting any upcoming training courses, or if you have any questions about hosting a training course.

We may ask you follow-up questions to help us arrive at a decision.