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RIPE NCC Tutorials

RIPE NCC Measurements Tutorial

This RIPE NCC workshop will provide hands-on training and take place over two sessions. The first session will cover RIPEstat, our "one-stop-shop" for information relating to Internet number resources. The second session will focus on RIPE Atlas, our global Internet measurement network consisting of thousands of probes. Attendees will work through the features of both services through practical examples and use cases. Topics delivered will depend on the attendees' level of knowledge about RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas.

Trainer: Christian Teuschel

RIPEstat Session

Introductory topics:

  • Finding information about IP resources
  • Comparing resources
  • Finding information related to anti-abuse

Advanced topics:

  • Embedding RIPEstat widgets
  • Using BGplay
  • Using the command-line interface
  • Analysing events (featuring use cases)
  • Personalising RIPEstat

RIPE Atlas Session

Introductory topics:

  • Creating a measurement
  • Looking up and analysing measurement data
  • Monitoring: setting up status checks

Advanced topics:

  • Member-specific services
  • Use cases
  • Analysing information using Internet Traffic Maps
  • Taking part in the RIPE Atlas community: sharing your code, distributing probes, installing RIPE Atlas anchors

Basic IPv6 Tutorial: RIPE NCC

This IPv6 Basics tutorial is for anyone starting to deploy IPv6 who is interested in learning about related RIPE Policies and the RIPE Database. There are no required prerequisites for this tutorial.


  • IPv6 address basics
  • Current RIPE Policies
  • IPv6 addressing plans
  • IPv6 in the RIPE Database
  • Tips

Trainer: Sandra Bras