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Title: Introduction to RIPE/RIPE NCC PDF
Speakers: Rob Blokzijl (RIPE) and Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: RIPE stands for 'Réseaux IP Européens', or European IP Networks. Started in 1989, RIPE is a forum where Internet Service Providers and others interested in the advancement of the Internet meet to discuss and work on problems common to all. In this session we will present a short history of RIPE, describe how RIPE is organised, and discuss some of the current work in progress.

The RIPE NCC is an independent and not-for-profit membership organisation that supports about 3,400 members in more than 90 countries. This presentation describes how the activities and services of the RIPE NCC are defined, discussed, evaluated and performed in an open manner.

Title: RIPE Policy Process PDF
Speaker: Rob Blokzijl (RIPE)
Abstract: Introduction to the Policy Process in RIPE.

Title: RIPE NCC Activities Update PDF
Speaker: Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: This presentation will give an overview of RIPE NCC activities including membership services, co-ordination activities and information services.

Title: RIPE NCC Billing Administration PDF
Speaker: Jochem de Ruig (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: The RIPE NCC Billing Administration presentation will highlight the changes that have been made following discussions during last year's regional meeting in Moscow and the discussions on the
[email protected] mailing list. The presentation will be split in two sections: the billing and contract administrative procedure update and the draft RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2006. The first section will include an overview of the changes made to billing documents, a clarification of the structure, purpose of the billing documents and an outline for further improvements planned for 2006 (quarterly versus yearly invoicing). The second section will consist of the changes made to the Charging Scheme, including the new Service fee scheme for 2006 and the new Billing Score Algorithm. There will be an opportunity to discuss issues and to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Title: Services to help you understand the behaviour of your network PDF
Speaker: Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: The RIPE NCC offers a number of services that collect data on the Internet with the goal of helping operators to better understand the behaviour of their network. These services are: Test Traffic Measurements (TTM), a service that measures key performance parameters such as delay, loss, jitter and IP-level routing; Routing Information Service (RIS), aimed at (BGP) inter-provider routing; and DNSMON, a service that monitors the performance of Root and TLD servers. In this talk a brief overview of these services will be given. These services are available to the entire RIPE NCC membership, often at no additional cost. We will also discuss the relation of these services to other activities of the RIPE NCC and show how the entire portfolio of services can be used to your benefit. RIPE NCC staff will be available afterwards to demonstrate these services and discuss possible applications for your specific case.

Title: Policy Development Process (PDP)/Registration Services PDF
Speaker: Leo Vegoda (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: This presentation introduces RIPE's formalised Policy Development Procedure (PDP), as documented in "Policy Development Process in RIPE" (ripe-350). It explains the areas addressed by the PDP, the places in which discussions occur and how to become involved in creating RIPE Policy. Additionally, the presentation explains how the RIPE NCC, RIPE's secretariat, supports the process and the people proposing policies.

Title: NRO Statistics PDF
Speaker: Leo Vegoda (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: This presentation shows a quarterly snapshot of the status of the IPv4, IPv6 and AS Number resources managed by the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). It is intended to complement the raw statistical data sets published each day.

Title: IPv6 Consumption PDF
Speaker: Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: This presentation will show results from recent research into IPv6 consumption statistics.

Title: World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) Update PDF
Speaker: Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC)
Abstract: Axel will give a short presentation the latest developments in the WSIS process.

Title: Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) Overview PDF
Speaker: Alex Zinin (Alcatel USA)
Abstract: Alex will provide a short introduction to activities of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) – the engineering and standards organisation for the Internet, where Alex serves as co-director of the Routing Area. This will be followed by the description of recently approved standards and a discussion of newly emerging efforts, such as Path Computation Elements (PCE), Layer-1 VPNs (L1VPNs), and IP Fast Reroute (IPFRR).

Title: Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) PDF
Speaker: Alexander Ilin (MSK-IX)
Abstract:This presentation is a short overview of customer services of MSK-IX, hardware internal structure, technical requirements, statistics, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Title: ccTLD.RU current state PDF
Speaker: Pavel Khramtsov (RU-CENTER)
Abstract: The presentation included information on the number of .ru domain registration per regions, milestones, domain names registered by registrars, the growth of .ru Domain Name registrations and a measurement toolkit.