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The following demos will take place at the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Moscow.

BGPlay: Visualising BGP updates in the Routing Information Service's (RIS) Database
BGPlay was developed by the Computer Networks Research Group at Roma Tre University, and is hosted by the RIPE NCC, who provide direct access to the RIS database. Its animated, interactive graphical display makes it easier to interpret how BGP updates affect the routing of a specific prefix than by analysing the updates themselves.

MyASn: RIPE NCC's Prototype of an Alarm System for BGP Notification system for BGP that can generate alerts in cases of unexpected routing behaviour depending on user configuration.

dnsmon: RIPE NCC DNS Monitoring
'dnsmon' provides a comprehensive, objective and up-to-date overview
on the quality of service of high level DNS servers, currently these
are the root servers and some participating TLD servers.

TTM: RIPE NCC's Test Traffic Measurements (TTM)
TTM measures key parameters of connectivity; such as one-way delay, IPDV ('jitter'), routing vectors, and packet loss, between your site and other networks on the Internet.