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Member Update: May 2024

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1. Organisational Update

General Meeting

The spring RIPE NCC General Meeting will take place in Kraków from 22-24 May 2024. Register for the meeting and exercise your voting rights as a member.

At the upcoming GM, members can vote on:

- The Executive Board election to fill two seats

- Adoption of the RIPE NCC Financial Report 2023

- Discharge of the RIPE NCC Executive Board

- The RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2025

The supporting documents for the General Meeting are all published and include the RIPE NCC Annual Report 2023, Financial Report 2023 and the three options for the Charging Scheme 2025.

Charging Scheme 2025 Consultation

Members will vote on the three options for the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2025 at the General Meeting. We have prepared a consultation page for members that gives more information about the Charging Scheme, including a calculator for your costs under different models and a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Meet the Executive Board Candidates Open House

We held an Open House on 15 May 2024 for candidates for the RIPE NCC Executive Board to introduce themselves to members. Members also had the opportunity to ask the candidates questions. The recording of the Open House is available for those who missed it.

Minutes of the 175th Executive Board Meeting Published

The minutes of the 175h Executive Board meeting have been published, along with a summary of the main items from the meeting.

2. Community and Engagement


Registration is open for RIPE 88, taking place in Kraków, Poland from 20-24 May. You can buy a ticket to attend in person or attend online for free.

The meeting programme is also up, featuring RIPE Working Group sessions, plenary talks and BoFs. We’ll also have a session focusing on Diversity and Inclusion.

If you’re unable to attend the RIPE Meeting in person, you can still meet with fellow community members by joining in remotely from one of the four Local Hubs in Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Greece.

RIPE Programme Committee Elections

The RIPE Programme Committee, which selects the plenary sessions for RIPE Meetings, is seeking to fill two seats for a two-year term starting after RIPE 88. Nominations for the RIPE 88 PC elections can be sent in until Tuesday, 21 May, 15:30 CEST (UTC+2) to [email protected].

RIPE Chair Team Reports - Looking Forward to RIPE 88

This month’s RIPE Chair Team Report focuses on highlights to expect at the upcoming RIPE Meeting, such as discussions about the relationship between RIPE and the RIPE NCC, a credit policy for open source projects and DNS resolver recommendations.

Reflecting on the Past Decade of RIPE Meetings

On RIPE Labs, RIPE NCC Chief Community Officer Hisham Ibrahim looks back at the past ten years of RIPE Meetings and how they have developed over the years.

Diversity at RIPE Meetings

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Gergana Petrova shares insights from the Diversity in Tech session at RIPE 87, focusing on the following groups at RIPE Meetings: academics, newcomers and women.

Refreshing the RIPE Meeting Websites

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Phillip Oldham explains the details of the RIPE NCC’s project to update the look of the RIPE Meeting websites and asks for community members’ feedback on the current sites and what new features you’d like to see.

Community Projects Fund Call for Applications

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund is a pool of EUR 250,000 per year from which we award funding to various projects of value to the operation and resilience of the Internet. The fund’s 2024 call for applications is now open. Applications must be submitted by 31 July 2024 at 23:59 (UTC). If you are curious about previous projects, you can watch the recordings of our recent Open Houses featuring former Community Projects Fund recipients.

Internet Measurement Day Uzbekistan

We will hold an Internet Measurement Day in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on 29 May. At this event, network operators and other experts will share experience, tools and best practices for Internet measurements. Registration is open.

Learning and Development Update

Our courses for the month of June are open for registration. We will hold training courses in Barcelona for LIRs and on the RIPE Database and IPv6 Security, in Limassol on Advanced IPv6 and IPv6 Security, and in the Hague on Basic IPv6, the RIPE Database and BGP Routing Security. We will also hold webinars for new LIRs and on IPv6 Associated Protocols Security.

EU Regulations Update May 2024

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Romain Bosc gives an overview of the most pertinent digital policies for the RIPE NCC and RIPE community currently being proposed, debated and implemented in the European Union. This month’s edition includes updates on the RIPE NCC’s ongoing engagement efforts on sanctions, the EU consultation on the Global Digital Compact and the Commission's White Paper on "How to master Europe's digital infrastructure needs."

SEEing Growth at SEE 12

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Karla Liddle-White shares a report on SEE 12, which took place in Athens from 22-23 April.

3. Registry

LIR Stats

Number of LIRs: 21,436 (-43)

Number of members: 20,181 (+24)

LIRs with IPv6: 15,784 (-15)

IPv4 addresses transferred in April: 1,490,944 (-1,347,584)

LIRs on IPv4 Waiting List: 1,018

Days that first LIR in queue has been waiting: 487

% of IPv4 address space covered by ROAs: 68%

% of IPv6 address space covered by ROAs: 39%

ARCs completed in April: 201

RIPE NCC Registry Investigation Report

We have published a report about the result of our investigation into attempts to gain control over resources held by RIPE NCC members.

Reflections on Six Months as Chief Registry Officer

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Chief Registry Officer James Kennedy provides an update on our Registry services and shares some observations from his first six months at the helm.

IPv6 Stockpiling: A Trojan Horse in Our Midst?

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Marco Schmidt takes a look at the growing trend of IPv6 stockpiling and its potential consequences.

4. Information Services

Reducing the RIPE NCC’s Data Centre Footprint

On RIPE Labs, RIPE NCC Chief Technology Officer Felipe Victolla Silveira explains the RIPE NCC’s new approach to data storage in the backend of RIPE Atlas and RIS for better efficiency and cost savings.


On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Anand Buddhdev proposes retiring the RIPE NCC’s secondary DNS server,, due to the various challenges and technical problems that have arisen with this service. Community members are encouraged to to share their thoughts on this proposal on the DNS Working Group mailing list.