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Free Tickets to RIPE Meetings

In an effort to bring new Local Internet Registries (LIRs) together with the membership and the RIPE community, all new LIRs receive two free RIPE Meeting ticket codes.

The free entry covers the registration cost only and does not include the fee for the RIPE Dinner. You are also expected to cover your own transportation and accommodation costs.

How to use the ticket codes:

The free ticket codes will be sent by email to the LIR contact person.

The LIR contact person may distribute the codes to whoever would like to attend the RIPE Meeting.

Each code is valid for one person only. As a new LIR, you are free to use these codes at one meeting, or over two different meetings.

If you do not use these codes within two years of their issue date, they will no longer be valid. The issue date is the day when you paid your first invoice to the RIPE NCC.

The person(s) attending the RIPE Meeting and using the free codes should first visit the RIPE Meeting website, register for the meeting and then enter the code(s) on the page “My Registration”.

Registered attendees can go to the “My Registration” page at any time to review their registration status. A link to this page is sent automatically by email to the registered attendee upon completing the registration form.

We strongly encourage you to make use of this opportunity to attend the RIPE Meeting.