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RIPEstat Quarterly Planning

We have three objectives in publishing our quarterly planning:

  1. We want to be transparent about the work we are doing
  2. We want your input on that work and our planning, and we want to document that input and let you know if and when we can add your suggestions to our planning
  3. We want an open dialogue with members and community on developments around RIPEstat

We launched this initiative in Q2 2022, and we are open to improving what we publish here and how we do that. So let us know if there are ways we can better present our plans.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve RIPEstat, you can share them through the RIPEstat Feature Tracker.

We will update this page as our activities progress and continue to share updates on RIPE Labs, on the RIPE NCC Membership Discussion and MAT Working Group (WG) mailing lists, and at RIPE Meetings and other events.

Q2 2024 Plans

Last updated: 22 March 2024

Item 1: Open-sourcing the RIPEstat widgets

We will make the source code of RIPEstat widgets available for the community as part of sustainable long-term maintenance. An upgrade of outdated Javascript libraries has been done, which addressed security and performance issues. Additionally, a version system was introduced to allow faster iterations without breaking existing installations.

We continue preparing for open-sourcing by checking the legal requirements and finding the best-fitting code-sharing platform. We expect this to be done in Q2 2024.

Status: In progress

Item 2: UX/UI improvements

Based on feedback we collected in 2023 and prior, we will improve the user interface, with the first focus point being usability.

At the end of Q1 2024, we started to conduct the first UX interviews with users, which we will continue until mid-Q2. After that, we will translate our findings into actionable work items and plan the work for the UI. We expect this work to finish in Q3 2024.

Status: In progress

Item 3: Data quality improvements

We want to improve the quality of the returned data by providing insightful meta information. This initial effort will focus on data recency.

We implemented a tool to monitor the data recency of the RIPEstat Data API. We are currently tracking three data calls but plan to include more data calls later. Metadata for the past month has been collected, and we are about to aggregate and include this data in the corresponding data calls. We expect this to be done at the beginning of Q2 2024.

Status: In progress

Community Input on Planning

We want the community to contribute to our plans and suggest additional work items. Please share your comments with us via the RIPEstat Feature Tracker or post them on the RIPE NCC Membership Discussion and MAT WG mailing lists. We'll also monitor all the other channels where people talk about these services.

When we receive feedback that can significantly impact our planning or needs a further response, we will add it to the table below.

Community input RS-2022#03: Request to visualise DNS name-to-IP changes similarly to BGPlay

The assessment of this feature request is pending.

Archived Quarterly Plans

You can find our plans from the previous quarters on this page. The Q2 2024 plans will be archived once we publish the Q3 2024 planning.