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Archived Plans

You can find our plans from previous quarters, along with requests from the community, on this page. We are updating this page at the end of each quarter.

2024 Plans and Community Input

Item 1: Improvements to RIS data through peering coordination

We will work on increasing the number of Route Server feeds.

We also shared information about our new peering strategy on RIPE Labs.

Status: In progress

Item 2: “External data distribution via kafka” in production

Following the feedback from the external testers, we will define a process to get direct access to kafka. Access will be limited to certain organisations that meet specific criteria.

We are now working with our legal team to define processes.

Status: In progress

Item 3: Open source RIS Live

By releasing the RIS Live code as open source, it will be possible for instances of the service to run on infrastructure outside the RIPE NCC. Having a full working instance will require access to the "Public kafka" solution.

We were planning to have this completed by the end of 2023, but this has now moved to Q2 2024.

Status: In progress

Item 4: RIS beacons revamped

We plan to modernise the RIS beaconing so it better captures important features of the current Internet. We plan to make this live in March 2024.

You can find the exact timeline on this announcement and more information about our plans on RIPE Labs.

Status: Planned

2023 Plans and Community Input

Item 1: Improved timeliness of RIS dump files

We replaced the pipeline that generates MRT dump files that are publicly available from the RIPE NCC. The new pipeline has significantly less delay and some changes to the structure of the MRT file format.

Completed in Q2 2023.

2022 Plans and Community Input

Item 1: Documentation updates on the website

We have updated the content on the RIS homepage and added a new documentation site.

Completed in Q2 2022.

Item 2: Announce new prototypes

We developed the following new prototypes and are collecting feedback on their usefulness:

  1. Per peer dump files
  2. Per-RRC BGP dump files
  3. Peer metadata files

Completed in Q4 2022.

Item 3: Test public kafka protype

We tested with a few volunteers from the community to see if providing kafka as an additional data access model would benefit them.

Completed in Q4 2022.

Item 4: Performance metrics

We started publishing RIS performance metrics on our website. We recorded this request with reference RS-2022-#01.

We published an article on RIPE Labs to explain the changes.

Completed in Q4 2022.

Item 5: RIS Live performance improvements

We made architecture changes to RIS Live to allow for a more predictable latency. Further improvements will follow from using new kafka topics.

Completed in Q4 2022.