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Archived Plans

You can find our completed plans from previous quarters, along with requests from the community. We are updating this page at the end of each quarter.

2024 Plans and Community Input

Item 1: Open-sourcing the RIPEstat widgets

We will make the source code of RIPEstat widgets available for the community as part of sustainable long-term maintenance.

An upgrade of outdated Javascript libraries has been done, which addressed security and performance issues. Additionally, a version system was introduced to allow faster iterations without breaking existing installations.

We continue preparing for open-sourcing by checking the legal requirements and finding the best-fitting code-sharing platform. We expect this to be done in Q2 2024.

Item 2: UX/UI improvements

Based on feedback we collected in 2023 and prior, we will improve the user interface, with the first focus point being usability.

At the end of Q1 2024, we started to conduct the first UX interviews with users, which we will continue until mid-Q2. After that, we will translate our findings into actionable work items and plan the work for the UI.

We expect this work to finish in Q3 2024.

Item 3: Data quality improvements

We want to improve the quality of the returned data by providing insightful meta information. This initial effort will focus on data recency.

We implemented a tool to monitor the data recency of the RIPEstat Data API. We are currently tracking three data calls but plan to include more data calls later. Metadata for the past month has been collected, and we are about to aggregate and include this data in the corresponding data calls.

We expect this to be done at the beginning of Q2 2024.

2023 Plans and Community Input

Item 1: Migration to the cloud

We moved parts of RIPEstat to the cloud to make our infrastructure more efficient and resilient and reduce latency for our global user base.

After the first installation was done in Q4 2022, we continued moving smaller backends to the cloud. Then, we worked on small, low-impact backends and later moved to more complex parts of the service.

Completed in Q3 2023.

Item 2: Service quality monitoring

We want to improve service quality monitoring to provide a more reliable service. We developed a test framework that helps us structurally identify bugs, which we started to fix in Q4 2022 and continued to work on in Q4 2023.
 The team then fixed all the bugs we tracked in 15 of the most popular data calls in 2022.

Completed in Q4 2023.

Item 3: Improved UI testing

We implemented automatic UI testing to create a more reliable UI. An upgrade of outdated Javascript library dependency in the widget code is a prerequisite for open sourcing. We finalised the upgrade of jQuery for the widget API, then carefully rolled it out to production to avoid any disruptions to external users of RIPEstat widgets.

Completed in Q4 2023.

Item 4: Review MLAB data

Data calls based on MLAB data were disabled because of changes in the data provisioning. In Q4 2022, we reviewed reintegrating MLAB data into RIPEstat’s data API and UI. The MLAB-based data calls are back on RIPEstat, and with them are the two RIPEstat widget visualisations: “Observed Network Activity” and “Observed Bandwidth Capacity”.

Completed in Q4 2023.

Item 5: Extending RIPEstat UI for Zonemaster

We extended the RIPEstat UI for the Zonemaster backend to allow pre-delegation checks. This work enabled us to replace the Zonemaster UI for our on-premise installation and provide a more consistent user experience.

Completed in Q1 2023.

Community Input RS-2023#01: Ability to adjust colours in BGPlay

Triggered by a public feature request, we introduced the ability to adjust colours in BGPlay to make it more accessible to users with colour vision deficiency.

Completed in Q2 2023.

2022 Plans and Community Input

Item 1: Feature Parity on the old and new UI

The remaining features that were only available in the old UI were implemented in the new UI.

Completed in Q2 2022.

Item 2: Improve the blocklist feature

Triggered by input from the Anti-Abuse WG, we are improving the blocklist feature on RIPEstat. The request was recorded with reference RS-2022#01.

A renaming of the service offering already happened in 2021. In Q3 2022, we started reviewing general terms and conditions for adding new blocklists that are more flexible. In Q4 2022, we replaced the old blocklist feature with the new one.

Completed in Q4 2022.

Item 3: ROAs in Routing Consistency

Based on a feature request, we wanted to show RPKI ROAs in the Routing Consistency UI (UI2020). The feature was made available in the RIPEstat UI and the RIPEstat widget for Prefix and AS Routing Consistency. The request was recorded with reference RS-2022#02.

Completed in Q3 2022.