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RIPE NCC Member Update

The RIPE NCC Member Update provides members with up-to-date articles, statistics and news about the RIPE NCC’s services and activities. The purpose is to keep members informed about the latest developments in the RIPE NCC’s membership, coordination and Internet measurement activities.
Archived: Issue 22: September 2012
Archived: Issue 21: April 2012
Archived: Issue 20: October 2011
Archived: Issue 19: April 2011

IPv4 Exhaustion • Provider Independent Internet Number Resources • Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan • The RIPE NCC and World IPv6 Day • RIPE Atlas • RIPEstat

Archived: Issue 18: October 2010

RIPE Labs 2.0, Signing of the Root Zone Represents Milestone in DNS Security, Rob Blokzijl Receives Royal Recognition for Work as Internet Pioneer, Certification of Internet Number Resources, RIPE NCC and IPv6 & RIPE Policy Development March - August 2010

Archived: Issue 17: April 2010

RIPE Labs, How Resource Certification Will Help Your Organisation, RIPE NCC Customer Services, DNSSEC Deployment for the Root Zone, IPv6 – How To Act Now & RIPE NCC and IPv6 Measurements

Archived: IPv6 Special: September 2009

RIPE NCC: Taking The Lead On IPv6, RIPE NCC and the OECD, Measuring IPv6 Deployment, How IPv6 Policy Evolved, RIPE NCC Information Services Focus on IPv6 & Finding Your Way Around IPv6

Archived: Issue 16: September 2009

Independent Internet Number Resources, New RIPE NCC E-Learning Course Focuses on DNSSEC, RIPE Policy Development: March 2009 – July 2009 & RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2008

Archived: Issue 15: April 2009

RIPE NCC Membership Hits 6,000, Governments' Role in IPv6 Deployment, Formatting 32-bit AS Numbers & RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2008

Archived: Issue 14: September 2008

AS Number Change Could Affect Internet Routing from 1 January 2009, RIPE NCC Attends OECD Ministerial Meeting, RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2008, IPv6 Hours - Sink or Swim!